May 31, 2012

KEEPING ON MESSAGE/FASCINATING RHYTHM: The ¨Land of the Eternal Spring¨ renews itself once again

It´s the rainy season in America Central.  It starts like God has a starting time at exactly May 15th and nobody better forget it.

It´s true, there may be a few odd rain showers before May 15th but when it is actually May 15, high Summer is over, the thunder begins and the rain clouds form and take shape like Zeus was hiding out in the Volcano (and the volcan even it erupts with staggeringly gorgeous display of gladness during the season change).

I´ve lived in the Caribbean and Central America for over two decades now and I´m thrilled when the great magical greening season blows, it streaks, light the lights we´ve got nowhere to hit but the heights.

Our world around us takes on the spirit of lush fertility and it´s put to good stimulates me and my art grows.


motheramelia said...

It is always wonderful to see your work. I can see how change in the weather makes for greater inspiration. I find the change of seasons does it for me.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dear Mother Amelia, I love your new puppy wise to find a friend who needs a friend too...lovely, really...a ¨great inspiration¨ Un gran abrazo

motheramelia said...

Im very glad we found each other. In a way it was how I found Izzie. Check the local animal shelter to see if they had a small older dog and voila! there he was only 45 minutes away.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Natures way