May 12, 2012

JAY´CORY JONES, R.I.P. -- Shame on accessories to murder who promote difference, bully and spew their ignorance with careless words of hate!

¨You could tell it upset him because like he didn’t understand why people couldn’t accept him for who he was,”

Prayers ascending for Jay´Cory Jones, rest in peace and rise in Glory
Rochester, Minnesota – A 17-year-old openly gay teen succumbed to overwhelming bullying, taking his own life this past Sunday. Jay’Cory Jones jumped to his death into traffic from a pedestrian bridge near Century High School, according to police reports. According to his father, Jones was beaten down by the incessant school bullying he endured for being open and vocal about his sexual orientation. His father, JayBocka Strader, told the  PostBulletin, “He said all of his life they always picked on him. He’d still try to keep his head up at school, but then he’d come home and be really sad about it.” Mr. Strader went on to say that his son was depressed because other boys wouldn’t accept him for who he was.

Jones knew of his sexual orientation since he was a little boy. He took pride in who he was, and declared on his Facebook page that he was “Gay & Proud.” A member of the Century Gay Straight Alliance, he sought help with his feelings from the Gay and Lesbian Youth Services in Rochester where he attended weekly meetings. In the end, the pressure on him from his peers was just too much to bear...¨ please read it all,  HERE

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Ciss B said...

Saw this on Grandmere Mimi's site too and I think it is a crime that kids are allowed - or encouraged to continue bullying!

chgorich said...

Oh Len!! This death of a young man bullied into suicide tears my heart out, each time this happens, When will it stop!!! When will the bullies get the message that it is NOT OK to bully other people.May he rest in peace.

rwattonville said...

The word crime does not begin to relate the true horror & misery of these atrocities shared by all, aware of it or not.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Our society/culture has devalued standards for passion, compassion and basic decency...until self-searching reveals the empty, yet dangerous popular ¨attractions and loathings¨ for what they are... dimmed personal character will thrive as the currency of shallowness amongst us.