May 15, 2012

Lesbian Muslim activist Irshad Manji: Silence empowers bullies

Born in Uganda: Lesbian Muslim activist Irshad Manji
¨Openly lesbian Muslim activist and author Irshad Manji spoke about her faith after she had one event at a university in Yogyakarta cancelled, and another in Jakarta stopped midway where she had to leave under heavy police escort as religious extremists violently protested the event.

Irshad Manji, the prominent author of The Trouble with Islam Today which has been published in more than 30 languages, including Arabic, Malay and Indonesian is on a book tour in Indonesia promoting her most recent book, Allah, Liberty and Love found herself faced with angry mobs determined to prevent her from speaking or discussing her views at any forum.

Openly lesbian Muslim journalist, activist and author, Irshad ManjiLocal media reported that the South Jakarta police forcibly ended the book launch and discussion which was held the at the Salihara Community's building, Pasar Minggu on May 4 after the event was protested by Islamic Defender Front (FPI) group and people claiming to be local residents. The Jakarta Post reported that the protesters rejected the author because she openly declared that she was a lesbian and that her viewpoint that Islam should accept homosexuality was “unacceptable”; and questioned the organiser’s permit to invite a foreign national.

Manji was born in Uganda to a Gujarati Indian father and an Egyptian mother but her family moved to Canada when she was four....¨ HERE

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David said...

Thanks for this update Leonardo.
I met Irshad the at the same event I first heard Gene speak: both of them here in Montreal at a LGBT Human Rights Conference.
Irshad is articulate, gracious; 'courageous' doesn't quite cover it.
Currently teaching at a university in NYC, Irshad calls Toronto home.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Irshad is articulate, gracious; 'courageous' doesn't quite cover it.¨ David

That´s what I thought while reading about her difficulties on spitting anger, simply a clear acceptance of ¨where we are at¨...Thanks for sharing this, Len