May 2, 2012

MIRA! ¨A Scottish Episcopal church in Edinburgh has unveiled a mural of two men marrying in a religious ceremony.¨

¨St John’s Church on Princes Street, one of Edinburgh’s main streets, has a history of topical murals going back thirty years, displayed in full view to passers-by on the busy road.

Donald Reid, Associate Rector at the church, told it was on the “progressive end of the spectrum”.

He said many photographs have been taken but there had been no negative feedback to the mural whatsoever since it was erected on Saturday.

The image of two men, one about to place a ring on the other’s finger while a priest looks on under the words ‘God is love’ should stay up on the side of the church for two weeks...¨  there is more, God is love, HERE

·  Thanks to Of Course I Could Be Wrong, sidebar
·  Thanks to The Scottish Episcopal Church, Edinburgh
·  Thanks to The Rev. Donald Reid, St. John´s Church, Princes Street
·  Thanks to Mad Priest
·  Thanks to Pink News, Stephen Gray


rwattonville said...

My awareness now is that relentless hope is very unlikely to ever be fulfilled. I have in the past wasted much energy & intelligence in such endeavors, gaining only more frustration. I expect NOTHING of myself or others.Such false action is not within my venue anymore

Leonardo Ricardo said...

I love art with ¨social statements¨ leaping forward...
this is surely a message from the heart and is deeply appreciated by me...THANK YOU ST. JOHN´s EDINBURGH!