Feb 8, 2011

ATTENTION ARCHBISHOP OROMBI--RAMPANT CORRUPTION IN UGANDA! Government tolerance for public/vertical ¨corruption¨ by ¨officials¨ and pending ¨anti-human rights¨ hate-laws have caused 30% of Ugandas Annual Budget to be withheld!

Anglican Global South Bishop Henry Orombi called upon to ¨undertake urgent measures to curb vice¨ in corrupt Uganda.  Bishop Orombi please don´t export Ugandan corruption/bigotry throughout The Anglican Communion.

Note: ¨The retired Bishop of South Rwenzori Diocese, the Rt. Rev. Zebedee Masereka, has lashed out at the Anglican community in Uganda, saying it is riddled with corruption. Bishop condemns corruption in churches...¨ read it all, HERE

Note: ¨The man, Christopher, was a Bishop in the Anglican church. However, Christopher had been excommunicated and defrocked by his Anglican Archbishop because of his support of homosexuals. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled ...read it all HERE

Note: Eric and Patricia/Josephine serve/served as Anglican Church of Uganda fundraisers for ¨Ecclesiastical Protection from Poisoness Americans¨ as well as being ¨LGBTI Scammers¨ and watchdogs for other potentially profitable evil and ... read it all, HERE

President Yoweri Museveni called upon to ¨undertake urgent measures to curb vice¨ in Uganda
Kampala, Uganda

¨Donors will suspend aid to Uganda to protest at escalating corruption unless the government undertakes urgent measures to curb the vice, the donors warned Kampala in a letter.

Uganda's economy has maintained a powerful growth momentum over the last decade, riding on liberal reforms and rising entrepreneurial energy.

However, mounting corruption and government's reluctance to combat it have stoked fierce criticism and analysts have warned the vice may dampen the country's otherwise bright growth prospects.

Kundhavi Kadiresan, World Bank's representative in Uganda and current chair of the donors' group that presented the statement to the government, said Kampala's tolerance of corrupt public officers was deepening a culture of impunity.

"The undeniable lack of government action to follow up on cases of grand corruption is a key area of development partner concern," she said in the letter seen by Reuters on Thursday.

"Donors ... are currently considering a range of actions. This may include withholding disbursements, reductions in aid or reprogramming away from direct budget support."

The east African country has also faced intense pressure from Western governments and human rights groups over a draft anti-gay law that would prohibit sexual relations between people of the same sex as well as the recognition of homosexual relations as an acceptable lifestyle.

Although economic expansion has enormously boosted Uganda's domestic revenue base and allowed the country to accelerate reduction of donor-dependence, aid still accounts for about 30 percent of its annual budgetary resources.¨

· Thanks to Reuters, Uganda
· Thanks to The State Department, United States and Germany

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