Feb 28, 2011

HIS NIGERIAN GRACELESSNESS: ¨Do not come here to tell me about grace; what grace? We will never accept it”, Archbishop Nicholas Okoh furiously replied.

Bishop ¨Furious¨  and ¨ Fearful¨ of  ¨Invading LGBTI people¨ HERE Okoh, Primate of Nigeria
In an unexpected but dramatic turn of events at St Marylebone Parish Church London, the Coordinator of Justice for Gay Africans Society [JfGA], Mr. Godwyns Onwuchekwa, confronted the newly consecrated Archbishop of the Anglican Church in Nigeria on issues relating to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people [LGBT].

"Let me say this; the Anglican Church in Nigeria, emphatically does not accept gay people. Our bible is against it, the word of God is against it. Gay or lesbianism or whatever… it is like saying we condone drug users. What we offer them is repentance and deliverance from that evil spirit. Do not come here to tell me about grace; what grace? We will never accept it”, the Archbishop furiously replied.

The Archbishop, the Most Revd. Nicholas Okoh succeeded the former well known homophobe Peter Akinola. Mr. Okoh was on a pastoral visit to Nigerians of the Anglican faith in the UK and held an interactive open meeting at St Marylebone Parish Church London.

In his question, Godwyns who was brought up a Christian of the Anglican faith quoted the controversial Leviticus 18:22 which condemns homosexual sex, but also compared it to the subsequent verses in the same line of laws in Leviticus 21:17 which outlaws priests with physical disabilities. He then asked how the Archbishop how he will turn a new page for the church in Nigeria to desist from influencing state-sponsored homophobia...¨

Peter ¨Massacre at Yelwa¨ HERE Akinola, ¨homophoic¨ former Primate of Nigeria
“While Mr. Okoh did not come across as hateful as his predecessor, the hint of homophobia in him was evidently clear. However, unlike his predecessor, his tolerance to take the question and respond to it indicates a ray of light if there be onward peaceful dialogue and this is what we hope to continue to seek. We will continue to engage and hope that people in the black communities would embrace such dialogue towards understanding and respecting the natural rights of LGBT people amongst them”, says Godwyns Onwuchekwa.

The audience of about 100 people, mainly of Nigerian origin were divided on the issue. At the end of the Archbishop’s adamant response, a few of them clapped to it. The meeting ended without any physical quarrel and the Archbishop went to the back seats to meet Godwyns and hugged him... read it allHERE

Nigeria: Anglican Communion Holds Committee Meeting in Owerri

ALL is now set for the standing Committee of the Church of Nigeria(Anglican Communion) holding in Owerri, Imo State capital from March 1-5.

The twice in a year event, which is the executive arm of the General synod of the Church of Nigeria, would be Presided over by the Primate, His Grace, The Most Rev'd. Nicholas Okoh. No fewer than 1000 delegates including 14 Archbishops and 165 Bishops are expected to congregate at the Cathedral Church of the Transfiguration of Our Lord (CATOL) in the Eastern Heartland of this ecclesiastical brainstorming event.

Archbishop of Owerri Ecclesiastical Province and Bishop of Orlu, His Grace, Most Rev'd Bennett Okoro PhD disclosed these facts to journalists, at the Bishop's Bourne Owerri, during the pre-event briefing.

He traced the history of church councils to the Apostolic times (The first council in Jrusalem) as recorded Acts chapter 15, where the apostles took decision on the admission of the Gentiles to Christianity without precondition of circumcision.

Bishop Okoro said that during this standing committee of the church of Nigeria, whose theme is: "These dry bones shall live again" (Ezekiel 39:4 - 6) Imo State Executive Governor, Chief Ikedi Ohakim would present a lecture on "Leadership Role in Rescuing the Nigeria's nation"...

"The dry bones of corruption, selfishness, armed robberies, kidnappings, God-fatherism, ritual killings etc will give way to an egalitarian society where no one would be oppressed".

PLEASE NOTE DANGEROUS EXCEPTION:  ¨...an egalitarian society where NO ONE WOULD BE OPPRESSED¨ (except, of course LGBTI Anglicans/others will still be persecuted, tormented, demonized, despised and shown no ¨Grace¨ )

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JCF said...

This is a difficult (to read), but important, post Leonardo. Thank you for bringing it to us.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

JCF, yes, I think it´s important. The very idea that Archbishop Okoh of Nigeria thinks he knows alternative sexual orientation/right from wrong boggles my mind (I think he spent way too much time tormenting others as a military person during the Nigerian civil war with Biafra)...he seems to think he knows plenty regarding the hearts and character of LGBTI citizens who are being persecuted (with his help) in todays Nigeria...I think the man is reactionary and quite emotionally/spiritually disturbed...not a judgment other than simply reading what he says--another loose cannon/despot at the Anglican Church of Nigeria (no doubt Akinola groomed/approved).

godwyns said...

Dear Leonardo,

I have just come across your post about my encounter with Archbishop Okoh of Nigeria in London; thanks for taking the story to a wider audience. I wish I had seen your post earlier... It seems you were there because you got his initial response word-for-word; I actually didnt. It seems there're things we can do together then towards an improved church. I am yet to contact Okoh since then. He did ask me to when he came to meet me at the back of the hall. I will do; I have to.

Many thanks again and if you would like to be informed of our work at JfGA, we'd be please to. Please check our website to initiate this on the contact page. I would surely like to follow your work.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dear Godwyns,

What a nice treat to have you comment here...yes, you´re quite the brave and noble fellow and are certainly appreciated by me...afterall, it takes more than personal honor to stand up and ask direct questions to his Grace, Archbishop Okoh...it takes patience, and kindness-- character qualities that you obviously have more of than I do.

I wish you well, siempre.

Please leave your JfGA link here and I´ll quickly add it to my sidebar.

Un abrazo fuerte,