Feb 18, 2011

RACISM & HOMOPHOBIA: According to conservatives, because women in the so-called civilized world are not producing enough white Christian babies, the West will be swamped by "godless Muslims bent on world domination."

¨I marvel at the blatant idiocy and blindness of people of color who align themselves with homophobes¨ 
¨Racism and homophobia are two sides of the same coin, so I marvel at the blatant idiocy and blindness of people of color who align themselves with homophobes who wouldn't spit on them on their best day! They align themselves with people who wouldn't want their daughters to marry one of "them."

In the U.S. there is a cultural divide, a culture clash, that pits those who believe in the value of diversity against those who seek a homogenized so-called "Christian" culture as they understand that term; that understanding aligns Christianity with Americanism, patriotism, militarism, and a politics of exclusion that seeks to codify the symbolic equivalent of the Monroe Doctrine HERE  into the lives of people, and weave that xenophobia into the very fabric of society.

Those lives, and that fabric, are seen by those geared to racism and homophobia as being in line with the professing "Christian" fundamentalist mind-set that pits "us" against "them," the "them" being non-White, non-fundamentalist Christians.

And the hope for the perpetuation of White "Christian" hegemony lies in the heterosexuals who are to propagate the species that guarantees the cloning of "White Fundamentalist Christian Americans" who possess the traits mentioned above.

And it is held that Gay Americans have no part in the saving of our society from all threats to this hegemony; indeed, Gay Americans are viewed as the enemy, as are all people and groups that are viewed as enemies that threaten the comfort zones of the power elite, and all those whose false consciousness   HERE  leads them to believe that they are among the elite.

The bottom line here is that if you are not a White fundamentalist heterosexual Christian American you are held in disdain by most all religious homophobes!

Therefore, if we don't fight for full and equal civil rights for our LGBT sisters and brothers, we are aligning ourselves with the most dangerous elements in our society, and it's high time that all of us recognized that fact! HERE

· Thanks to The Reverend Dr.Jerry Maneker
· Thanks to A Christian Voice For LGBT Rights, sidebar


¨We obviously live in a country that presents an ideal environment for the GOP. This is really their land. It's a land where they, and they alone, can effortlessly get away with lying every time. Is there a greater political advantage than this? To be in an country where lying on national TV does not damage your position or worth?  HERE


Fred Schwartz said...

I believe you have brought us closer to the real issue than ever before! It begins at home with the Conelonialists and works its magic throughout the world. The dominant white male culture has split the Episcopal Church into little pieces and is joining forces with a larger entity worldwide.

Anonymous said...