Feb 6, 2011

HONOURED, IN DEATH: Friends from around the World have joined Ugandan ¨Kuchus¨ to celebrate the life of David Kato. Part Ten

Friends in Central America join together with the heroic ¨Kuchus of Uganda¨ to celebrate the life of David Kato

¨I feel a funny kind of pride, seeing the way friends. From across the world have joined Ugandan kuchus to celebrate the life of David Kato.
Celebrating the life, work and passion of David Kato
I no longer talk about it as a mourning. We must, up and go. And that includes turning from the tears which are too ready to flow, to celebrating his life, his work, his passion. He died. But, we still live, and there is much to do. Not least shown of course by the vicious campaign of dishonour which is going on at the same time.
But, I speak of honour here.

Friends all over the world have been part of it.¨ read it all HERE

· Thanks to Gay Uganda, Kampala
· Thanks to The Heroic Kuchus of Uganda
· Thanks to David Kato, Uganda, Worldwide Unity

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