Feb 22, 2011

FROM SIGNIFICANT TRUTHS: ¨Using the word ´exegesis´ always reassures an evangelical that he is not dim, research has shown that just saying this word significantly boosts a male evangelical's ego - but sadly not his IQ.¨

Cock a doodle doo -- Is she writing about you?
¨I have been thinking recently about the irony of the fact that so many evangelical men who believe in "male headship" are not terribly bright. In my experience, the sort of men who believe they have an innate God given right to be in authority over women seem to be very limited intellectually. It occurs to me that their belief in male headship may actually be a way of compensating for deficiencies in that area? I hope I am not being sexist, not to mention anti- evangelical here, perhaps I have just been unlucky - or has anyone else noticed the same? read it all,  HERE

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