Feb 7, 2011


¨Religious Hypocrites¨ and ¨Corrupt Politicians¨ continue to fan the flames of fear and hate in Uganda against LGBTI citizens
Staying alive in Kampala--Closet homosexuals sink further under the radar after David Kato’s death

¨Be as ordinary as everyone else and there will not be many questions to ask, and answers to give,” he adds. There is an ever-present sense of consciousness that runs on autopilot in the Ugandan gay man’s mind, Mukasa says. But that was before the murder of gay rights activist, David Kisule Kato last month, which, as Mukasa says, “Forces you to ask yourself whether you have watched your back well.”

Mukasa and Sam Musiime (also not real name), say the gay Ugandan living in the closet now has to add even more latches and keep the world away from the skeletons. “The aftermath of David Kato Kisule’s death is a strange atmosphere of confusion, fear, sadness, shock, and terror,” Musiime says, adding, “After watching a pastor deliver a less than savoury hate speech at his funeral, all I could think is, ‘they must think we are all mad’.”

Musiime and Mukasa are both in their late 20s and have kept their orientation a secret from many for nearly a decade now. “You tell no one. Only gay people like you ever get to know, and even then, you watch which gay person gets to find out because they too could sell you out, accidentally or not,” Musiime says. “The key is to ease into society as much as possible, behave like everyone else, even flirt with girls to portray the usual boy look,” Musiime says.

Musiime then expounds on how he now has to rethink his security. “After Kato’s death, something is triggered in you and even makes you think somebody you do not want to know already knows. Now I have to recheck my passwords – on my computer and phones so that no one accidentally runs into photos or any material that would raise suspicion. You fear that even if people would not kill you, you would lose the respect that those who don’t know still have for you,” he adds.

For Mukasa, Kato’s death also leads him to cover his tracks, but not through fear. “I’ve always been in fear, not for my life, but of being found out. I realised that living in fear only gives you away, so I live in confidence instead, knowing nothing is wrong with me,” he says. “Society may not be very accommodative of me, so I still have to be careful, maybe even more careful now that matters are rising to the surface. But I live on. I walk on. I go to work in the morning. I go to the bar in the evening. My life in general has not changed.” read it all HERE

I hate lies..... I really hate lies that are propagated like they are truth.

¨I hate lies broadcast in the media. I hate lies told about me. I hate lies that are spun for the sake of politics, or something else.

I was not going to post, indeed, I wanted to caution people out there that I may not be posting for some time. Until I came accross this stinging article in the Monitor newspaper that seeks to tarnish the memory of David Kato Kisuule.

I know that it is the govt, and the anti-gay movement in Uganda trying to do their best to make sure that Kato is discredited. They are Christians, (or claim to be). But, and I strongly advise them, let them not lie. It is their right to fight. But let them not lie. Let them not include GayUganda in their dastardly lies. 

Breathe in, breathe out, breath in, breath out. I am debuking some of the most obvious lies that I see when reading ¨Unmasking David Kato¨ HERE

Frankly, David's work. He did it brilliantly.

He was an elder in the community, and, in Uganda's depressed conditions, he was a very blunt advocate for maturity amongst the kuchus.

Yes, he was called 'security' amongst other nicknames, trying to make sure that people were security conscious. And then getting them to style up. We can be very immature, we kuchus.

David hosted many kuchus at his house in Nansana, and where he was killed. Usually the circumstances were that he would get them from police cells, because they were accused of being gay. That was his job. He would then need to find a place for them simply because, living in the same community where you have been outed is simply not an option. And, David's house was the usual first 'safe space' option.

David did host Georgina George Oundo in those circumstances. And, if I am not mistaken, S. Mugisha. Yes, I would like Georgina, who is currently 'ex-ex-gay' to deny that.

Paul Kagaba, the face of Ex-Gays in Uganda, and the one who is the chief spokesperson for Martin 'eat da poo poo' Ssempa and also Male, is a liar, and a thief. Oh yes, he has told lots of lies, at the behest of his masters. And, I am sure that he is continuing to tell them. I hope he gets good recompese for that.

Amongst the lies that he has told, he has been always saying that Kato 'recruited him into homosexuality'. Now, when I knew Kagaba, he was an adult, with bisexual behavior at that time. And, he was known to be one of those guys who would go to your home, and leave with your phone. He was 'gay for money' as the saying goes. That was my impression of him.

Yes, I do remember that he was friends with a white expatriate friend of mine. Male. And that, they had something going for a few weeks. I know that they fell thruough, and Kagaba turned to another white expatriate friend, a female that one. That was his deal anyway. And, my sources tell me it fell apart again when he tried to move into her house...... Kagaba was always in for the main chance.

And, more recently, last year, he was showing photos of himself with his former white expatriate friend. And he was saying that they were married. That the photo was of them on their honeymoon. Lie. Very big lie. But again, that is Kagaba. His lies in the Monitor... or, at least his version of the Kato he knew.. read it all, By Gay Uganda HERE

· Thanks to The Daily Monitor, Uganda
· Thanks to  John K. Abimanyi
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