Feb 15, 2011

ANOTHER REVOLTING DEVELOPMENT IN ARIZONA: Land of Loose Cannons, The Greedy/Bitter, Over Exposed Sun Teabaggers and Road Running ¨Brewers¨ of Difference -- Some GOP´s Strike Snakelike in The Valley of the Sun!

Grand Canyon state Republicans shows Sheriff Joe Arpaio leading the field to replace the retiring Sen. Jon Kyl (R).
Just when one blinks and thinks that promoting viciousness, arrogance and dangerous bigotry is being rethought-out by the everyday citizen in Arizona (land of loose cannons/gun possessing-packing greedy crybabies and crazed/used old Sun Teabaggers), some GOP voters think Maricopa County Sheriff Joe is the kind of bigmouth they need to promote as their next mouthpiece in the U.S. Senate.  Figures, never underestimate the damage caused by a violent Sun/Son in Arizona. HERE

I once worked in Arizona for Goldwaters Department Store.  I was a young buyer from San Francisco who met up with my first crowd of ¨Conservative Republicans¨ both at work and play.  I was amazed what a wonderful and decent/fair group these folks were (and worked hard to become)--afterall, it was a time when when many of us believed in ¨making love and not war.¨  Most Arizonans agreed with the ¨love part.¨ As it turns out I loved being amongst the very honorable ¨Republicans¨ in Arizona for my four years during the late sixties learning/working experience--they believed strongly in the value and privacy and ¨individual rights¨ of every human being/citizen, coworker and everyday friend--every ONE of WE everyday people were respected and that would include a Gay man like me or the female Latino Coworker who was being treated equally, being paid well (females at the time were slightly behind in the general public pay scale but not at Goldwaters where there would soon be a female, ¨Ms. Phoenix Sportswear¨ Buyer, who became President of the Stores-- the first at Associated Dry Goods) and always accepted and made to feel welcome at work/beyond work.  The police were strict but I think rather healthy-minded and one of my roomates was a Probation Officer and the other worked at the Playboy Club near Park Central...a nice ¨balance/mix¨ I thought at the time as we enjoyed life/equality at our lively rented house environment, in Scottsdale, behind Camelback Mountain...very civilized, friendly and hospitable.

Things have changed in Arizona?

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