Sep 2, 2008

You're feeling sleepy, you're getting tired, very very tired....zzzzzzzzz...


Today I went to our Capital City to finish working on the official "car papers" for my stolen car/truck (you remember Red?) is often the case in Latin America, it was pure madness even though most every government official and clerk was terribly nice (they really are)...lots of going here and there (and back again that I've been doing for days/daze) and then I went to the Police Station for the car "release" (even when there is NO CAR to release) for the insurance papers...I discovered that someone had received a huge FINE when they owned my car (and never paid it and it wasn't discovered when I purchased the car) today, I paid a BIG FINE that wasn't MINE and I paid EIGHT YEARS worth of multas for same FINE/NOT MINE atrosity! I feel like a LGB or T Anglican trying to explain to OROMBI or AKINOLA that I didn't *do* anything and I don't know what the HELL they are trying to arrest me for! No matter, it's more Noble to suffer a little for things one is innocent of...I can play victim like the Archbishop of pain, no gain...suffer one, pearls of wisdom, two.

So, I'm off to bed as tomorrow I have to go BACK AGAIN and file ALL those stamped-to-death/timbred papers/reports and releases with the Insurance company....fingers crossed por favor....surely Drexel Gomez isn't lurking behind one of the file cabinets trying to make my life more miserable when I sign on the dotted, TRUTH, line?

I'm going to light a candle in front of the Virgin of Gudalupe will burn all night overlooking Bonsi trees...I'm also lighting the candle for all of you who occasionally get "taken" for a ride (the kind you return from alive) or treated unjustly...a candle for all that REALLY is in Nigeria, Uganda and Sudan...sadness, suffering and death that "is" but ought not "be" or have been...a tiny candle in America Central to illuminate the sky and mind for all of us (as I forget my silly grumbling)...Thanks Be To God for the many Blessings before me and thee.

All is well, buenas noches y buena suerte,

Tomorrow is another day

Lord hear my prayer


Cany said...

Leonardo, you truly DO have SOOOOOOME patience. i would be tearing my hair out! And given it's quite long, not a pretty picture!

Prayers ascending for a good day tomorrow... and I too will like my VoG for you (I buy a lot of them here).

Anonymous said...

OH LR I am SO sorry about that! I had a parking experience in Montreal like this. It cost me huge, and I didn't do anything in the first place - the dam**d security patrol made a mistake! ROFL Sorry, doll, sorry sorry. I, too, had the calm. What else can you do? Even if you do have to pay out the wahzoo. Pauvre LR!!

Lighting a candle of thanksgiving for LR and all of which he reminds me - which is whole heck of a lot, I can tell you.


Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--A paragon patience you are. Thank you for lighting a candle for all of us too. Prayers ascending that today has dawned a brighter, happier less stressful day.

Padre Mickey said...

There's nothing like Central American bureaucracy to empty one's pockets!

We just paid $80.00 each for our carnet and $40.00 each for driver's licenses which are only good for three months, when we'll do it all over again.

At least we don't have any surprise multas.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

I just returned...I *think* everything is ok, the woman at the insurance company checked off all my documents and told me the money/check ought be ready in 12 to 15 days/daze...that is of course, unless they discover some loophole to loop around my was absolutely horrible getting all the papers for the "claim" I would suggest they do a reality show around mechanic told me he knows of NOT ONE PERSON that ever got their car insurance money in the case of robbery...well, I did my best...meanwhile I better sell a few paintings a build my little prudent reserve back up again.

Thanks for all your kind words.


Lynn said...

Leonardo, oops...I really did mean to tell you about that fine when you bought the truck. Or, rather, I guess I kept meaning to pay it before you found out, or...well, sorry. How was I to know someone would steal Red? I mean, really, it's not my fault!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Or, rather, I guess I kept meaning to pay it before you found out, or...well, sorry. Lynn

Don't worry, Lynn, I understand the slight "overlook" entirely...once I had over a decade of not dotting the i's! I'll accept your amends in bake goods...start now.

fs said...

Sheesh, what an unjust, rotten day, Leonardo -- and yet look how you turned it around with your prayer at the end. It's amazing what love can do.

Thanks for the inspiration, amigo.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Life near live volcanos can be a little "tricky"...the Insurance Company telephoned TODAY to inform me that there will be a slight markdown on the estimated value of the vehicle (the one they insured for the former FULL value again this year)...they said I will be receiving a check, less depreciation/less deductable in about two more weeks...I consider this VERY good news.

Let's break out the Chocolate Cake (Lynn?)!

Lynn said...


I think I have just the recipe to honor Red. Will conspire with ya later on this.