Sep 3, 2008

Governor Palin Promotes a All-American/Anti-American and Anti-Humanitarian Cultural War

Karl Roves "oily" American culturally and socially corrupt REAL WAR and profit "machine" is in favor of HELPING only the MOST WEALTHY ought to have been exposed enough and come to the end by hasn't. The obvious and ongling contempt for a more decent and compassionate America where EVERYONE wishes "wellness and prosperity" for one another isn't a reality...YET. Attempting to turn one U.S. Citizen against the other isn't spirited, it's not tough, it's not witty, it's not slick, it's sad, destructive and sick..."us vs. them" is bad for the society and the economy when exploiting other human beings or simply ignoring OUR real social problems by pretending ones exclusive/idealistic ideas about "family values" isn't vulnerable, isn't subject to flawed character behavior...the ridiculing of "Community Organizers" and/or anyone else who offers freely a helping hand and mentoring to ANY OF US is simply thoughtless and stupid...sour attempts to demoralize and belittle others won't work anymore...demeaning others, OUR sisters and brothers, who live in the REAL WORLD of a morally and economically fragile reality is we ALL STRIVE to be more accountable and successful by living more responsibly and honorably in everyday life in the U.S, we engage in a NOBLE endeavour to improve our culture and economy...for/by helping everyone.

Shabby and flawed political agendas were again preached/hyped and PROMOTED by Governor Palin at The Republican Convention/St.Paul. The boy/girl next door, OUR families, OUR parents and OUR Country want NATIONAL UNITY, goodwill, appropriate charity and KIND WORDS of encouragement with our REAL LIFE struggles and we demand PEACE...WE desperately want and need friends and elected officials who are genuine and filled with practical experience, unselfish intentions...we especially NEED those elected officials who will actively seek OUR OVERALL GOOD with solid IDEAS and advice...not clever slander and bogus promises of forthcoming economic stability as desperation sets in. There are NO know-it-alls, Governor Palin, ours is a Democratic "system" where everyone is encouraged to participate...we Americans have the kind of courage that comes from humility and not falseness, bravado and greed.

Promoting a defective/distracting McCain/others national policy grounded with more smugness, sarcasm and demeaning snears against "others" is shallow and abusive "trashing" of fellow Americans who have had enough of being "talked down" to by Bush/Chaney and dangerous war-blundering RUMSFELD and their gang! Thousands of OUR American family members are DEAD because of irresponsible and ill-thought-out actions within the leadership of The Republican Party. Attempts to further slander fellow citizens by encouraging hate and division between us isn't ALL American, it's anti-Humanitarian, it's ANTI-American and worthless slander but part of The Republican Party "way" again today...however, it's also a kind of shrill staged and scripted mochery directed against HARMING other's the current smearlingo the Republican Party thrives on as Republicans attempt to belittle other citizens and sell-out OUR All-American SOUL!

BULLETIN: We don't want to fear and hate our neighbor anymore...we're working our way to understanding, HELPING and SUPPORTING one another in POSITIVE ways...we're attempting to LIFT ONEANOTHER UP Nationally and Internationally too. Good will toward ALL women and ALL men...ALL means ALL! Got it Governor Palin? Your McCain "make fear/hate" smear campaign against OTHERS is dangerous to everyones spiritual, emotional and physical health.

SLUR ALERT: I don't believe Governor Palin is the person who will inspire us to promote PEACE and NOT WAR (both home and abroad) as Vice President of The United States...Governor Palins pandering to the Republican "party line" is dangerous to OUR collective, emotional, spiritual and economic NATIONAL GOOD HEALTH! The Governor is not funny when degrading others...Governor Palin brings more blame and shame of the SAME to Senator McCain's campaign...we've had enough divisiveness, smugness and elitist trashing of fellow Americans over the past eight years.

The Republicans may have given Governor Palin a standing ovation at their convention at St. Paul but I don't think many citizens jumped up-and-down and/or cheered from their living room sofas at most of OUR All-American Home Sweet, yet some ill mortgaged, Homes...there was a giant "groan" heard throughout the land as the greedy opportunists, exploiters and blowhards cheered on and on for FOUR more years of the same self-righteous clammourings for gain and fame that WE have SUFFERED great National/International pain from before.

Lord have mercy


Cany said...

Certainly a big groan over on this end:) I ran for the scotch when it was over:)

Well... off we go now... gotta do good Obama work, eh?

Padre Mickey said...

DUDE!!! Dat poster is great! You da man! YOU DA MAN!!

fs said...

I was kinda glad her introduction to the American people was in the role of a smug, snarky, sarcastic woman with a voice like a nagging, harping shrew. She really came off rather obnoxious. A normally sweet, elderly woman from church confided to me that Palin seemed "quite the opportunistic b*tch." ;-)

Judy said...

Bravo, Leonardo, you see it clearly and tell it well. In less than two months the fate of our country and world will be sealed. We'd better take the road less traveled as it will make all the difference!

Peace and prosperity for all vs. greed and indifference.....which will it be?? VOTE!