Sep 30, 2008

Paranoia:The individual thinks that harm is occurring, or is going to occur, to him or her *

"Use in psychiatry...the clinical use of the term has been used to describe delusions where the affected person believes he is being persecuted. Specifically, they have been defined as containing two central elements:

The individual thinks that harm is occurring, or is going to occur, to him or her.
The individual thinks that the persecutor has the intention to cause harm."

PLEASE don't Lock me up! PLEASE don't take me away even though I've got all the symptoms! Egads, mental illness strikes again and I'm typing as fast as I can! Let me explain:

I *truly* believe that McCain/Palin are planning/causing harm RIGHT THIS MINUTE, in The United States of America, and while campaigning with words made into speeches fashioned from DENIAL and ongoing DECEIT...I think they are intending, with the help of Karl Rove and assorted other, and more horrid devilworshipping types, to cause a whole lot more trouble for ALL of US...more trouble than we ever expected/projected and neglected to see (shame on me).

Furthermore, I think the "persecutors" have the intention to destroy the world as we know it today. Save us, Dear Lord, from the Bush/Cheney greed/fear/hate legacy tendency that PRETENDS reality away (and then blows up those with whom they disagree/dislike, don't see eye-to-eye, or, more simply, have what they want and wouldn´t give it to ´em).

Mercy! HELP! There is the added matter of Governor Sarah, who like her buddy Bush, thinks that HE and SHE are on a "special" Godly quest/mission to wipe out/reform and/or purify humanity...they have become "the chosen" and ALL of their thoughts/actions are being directed and controlled by an external, albeit heavenly, force/farse caper.

Please don't try and fool me, John and Sarah, as I'm Paranoid already/already!

STOP the sky from falling: Spray on your "Fate Repellent" and VOTE OBAMA and join me/us in prohibiting John McCain and Sarah McPain from blowing up the planet of EARTH!

THE END IS NEAR! Queer or NOT, ready or NOT...Unite against GREEDY lunatics and their egodriven political pals who are stripping our economic gears!


eye photo/photo sharing/flickr/Andrew Prest


Cany said...

Funny thing, Leonardo: I am not paranoid, but see the same thing.

Right now, we are in a bizarre vortex (largely caused by the neo cons). That a couple of wingnuts called for even LESS regulation in the financial crisis even stunned me. They really do believe in this; even in the face of absolute, clear failure.

Chris Cox, head of the SEC, and my former Congressman (long story there, believe me!) said that the last six months have clearly shown that dereg doesn't work... and this from a man that has supported dereg since, I think, he hatched.

The only encouragement and calm I can suggest is, Leonardo, that we have to put one foot in front of the other and keep going like we always do.

Neither you or I can afford, literally and figuratively, to stop doing that.

We have to keep going.

That is something you clearly understand and know how to do.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes hyper-vigilance has strong and rational roots. Keep going.

Fred Schwartz said...

What we really need is a (true) paradigm shift -- not a Bush one that lands on an aircraft carrier and declares victory but rather a shift based on the original meaning -- the Thomas Kuhn kind. It takes someone with vision such as yours Leonardo to do that.

Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--Great post. We need to put a halt to the vodoo politics and voddo religion that we have endured for way too long. These folks have a god. The god of power, greed, lies and destruction. The god of say anything if it gets you what you want but ignore the whole thing later and feed the masses with little daily sound bites then maybe they won't notice that they can no longer afford to feed their familes or buy gasoline to even get to work, at their two or three part-time jobs. Maybe they won't notice that they have no health care, no future and no stability. And, the American Dream, well that's for billionaires. Average folks need not apply. And talk about promoting paronia. Well that is the Bush administration forte. Red alert, amber alert & etc. They used that tactic pretty well for quite awhile. And for sure, they don't want to talk about global warming and alternative energy sources.

Lord hear our prayer that your people will wake up and care for all that you have created.

Lynn said...

Leonardo, when I heard that Karl Rove was lurking around the McCain campaign, I felt a chill. Thanks for bringing him up in this post. And I shall say no more than that.

Love ya - hope you are watching your blood pressure during this campaign! At least take your vitamins.