Sep 18, 2008

BOB DUNCAN of The Episcopal Church Diocese of Pittsburgh...DEPOSED!

Robert Duncan of Pittsburgh via "abandonment of communion" regretfully found his "place to stand" at the Province of Southern Conealone.

Vaya con Dios!

"The Episcopal Church's House of Bishops has deposed Bishop Robert Duncan of Pittsburgh for abandonment of communion."*

House of Bishops Vote:

89 voted in favor of deposing Duncan
35 voted against deposing Duncan
4 abstained

James has the BREAKING "Abandonment of Communion" NEWS/here

Archangel San Miguel protect us from ill-will, fear/hate-instigating preaching and ALL evil doers of evil deeds.




PEP Hopes Diocese Will Move Forward Gracefully After Duncan Deposition

"Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — September 18, 2008 — Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh regrets that events have caused the House of Bishops to consent to the deposition of Bishop of Pittsburgh Robert W. Duncan. It is never a cause for rejoicing when the Church must confirm that one of its leaders has abandoned the communion of The Episcopal Church.

The decision to depose Bishop Duncan comes after long and agonized consideration. It is nine months since the Title IV Review Committee certified that, in the opinion of its members, the bishop had abandoned the communion of this Church. Bishop Duncan has repeatedly said that he expected the Church to discipline him. He has rejected numerous opportunities and warnings to reconsider and change course. Instead, he has continued resolutely to pursue a course of action designed to remove this diocese and many unwilling Episcopalians from The Episcopal Church.

Now that the House of Bishops has acted, the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh needs to find a way to move forward gracefully and productively. By canon, the Standing Committee is now the ecclesiastical authority for the diocese. We pray that its members will exercise wisdom in a spirit of love and reconciliation and will reconsider the divisive course set for our upcoming diocesan convention. It is within their power to begin to heal this troubled diocese.

Everyone in the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh, including Bishop Duncan and his family, the Standing Committee, the clergy, and ordinary parishioners need the prayers and concern of the entire Episcopal Church. With God’s help, this diocese will continue the witness of The Episcopal Church in Southwestern Pennsylvania long into the future."

Joan R. Gundersen, President
Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh
Telephone: +1 (412) 799-0440

Progressive Episcopalians Document here

Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh:
Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh is an organization of clergy and laypeople committed to the unity and diversity of The Episcopal Church, and of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh. It is a member of the Via Media USA alliance.

UNITY (everyone means everyone) and SERVICE at The Body of Christ are on the way:

The General Convention of The Episcopal Church will meet at Anaheim, California, Diocese of Los Angeles, Summer 2009


Cany said...

Thanks, Leonardo, for posting their press release. They have been through SO much.

This whole avoidable thing... and it was avoidable... makes me so sad in a way. Though I doubt that he would admit it, I bet there is a part of him that is sad, too... deep down.

Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--Finally! Rejoicing. Joan Gunderson seems to be quite the leading light in another area too for TEC. Mark Harris has an interesting article of hers up on his post.

I hope none of our bishops are feeling any guilt whatsoever over this since according the the Pittsburgh dio website, Ducan has been accepted by Cone Alone. Sorry to be so snarky here but Duncan, Schofield and Venables deserve each other. I am gratful to the brave 89 who said "no" to throwing innocent pew people under the bus. Perhaps in the near future the unholy three in their little pretend Christian dress-up pointy hats will be joined by Iker.

I was hoping our bishops would also say "no" to the Anglican Communion but that probably is too much to hope for as their avenue for staying connected to their Indaba(sp?) groups seems to be connected to the AC.

I'm probably not going to be around very much for the next few weeks. I have some good news to share with you but will do it via an email late next week.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dear Bonnie, I await you and your good news (you're always good news for me)! YES, you take really good care of you (and that wonderful family of yours)!

Rejoice is RIGHT (really, how could I possible wander around being glum when they've finally bounced the hate/fear/egodriven bum)...the "moral decay of the Episcopal Church" Duncan ass!

Scott Hankins said...

I expected the deposition, because it was clearly right. What I rejoice in is that the HOB seems finally to be getting ahead of the schismatic curve. TBTG.

Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--And, I like the "No Homophobia" button.

Question re San Miguel. Is their a local patron saint? I might have jumped the gun in assuming you meant the angel.

Thank you for being a gift to my life.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Bonnie, it's San Miguel the Archangel (I just changed my homophobia button to him to add dimension to our celebration that you've already started)...I love San Miguel the Archangel, he's always been present in and around my life...sometimes I think I've had my own visitation...I've painted a lifesize of him (it sold fast)...and I'm painting another one soon...once I gifted our Ambassador a big sculpted one as a good-bye gift (she is Episcopalian and brave!!!).

Kirkepiscatoid said...

All I have to say is...
"Na na na na
Na na na na
Hey hey hey

I am relieved that this part, at least, has drawn to a close.

David G. said...

You're the Cone~alone!!

Fred Schwartz said...

Let us neither rejoice nor take our hand from the plow. There is much work to be done, none of it very joyful, all of it necessary. And, I do not believe we are ahead of the power curve since within 4 hours there was a laundry list of things that had been accomplished by the Archduke of Conelonies. We will know we are ahead when the neo-cons scream foul!

David G. said...

Satan at his Coronation!!


Caminante said...

Todavia no comprendo como la Obispa de Rhode Island pueda votar como lo hizo. Esta mujer es un misterio para mí. Y la compania que tiene, ay Señor.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Esta mujer es un misterio para mí.

I don't get "it" either...especially from Rhode Island, especially with her background...maybe she's just more "concerned" than the rest of us about being "fair"...hummm.