Sep 13, 2008

Bishop Duncan/Pittsburgh and his ongoing game of SHAME and BLAME!

BREAKING NEWS: The maiming and reshaping of Sacred VOWS:

"In a letter to the House of Bishops yesterday, Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori made it clear that there will be a vote this coming Thursday on whether to depose me from the ministry of the Episcopal Church. The charge is abandonment of the Communion of the Church, a charge initiated by five priests and sixteen laypeople of the Diocese Pittsburgh."

Read more regarding +Duncan's ongoing inability to take responsibility for harming others at The Body of Christ:

Bishop Bob Duncan ignores HIS destructive actions aimed against fellow Christians at The Episcopal Church Diocese of Pittsburgh

+Duncan accuses The Episcopal Church of a "moral collapse"...I'm afraid the mitre of "immoral" collapse/otherwise rests firmly upon the over-his-head actions of +Bob of Pittsburgh...he's finally found his much advocated and longed-for "place to stand"...unfortunately he's standing on the outside/otherside of his Vows to The Episcopal Church, The House of Bishops and the Christian fellowship of all members, at all levels of Churchlife.

So, +Bob, go "stand" already...we'll be here when you've stood for as much nonsense as you can stand from the Gafconning group of banditos sin fronteras...break a leg, or a neck or whatever turns you on!

Vaya con Dios


Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--Prayers ascending for our bishops that they will have the foresight and the courage to depose this destructive nit.

Lord hear our prayer!

For a look see at how Palin has "run" the government in Alaska (saying that those who oppose her, oppose Alaska (?) take a look at the NYT.

Anonymous said...


I am so grateful that our leadership seems to be adopting a more proactive approach to these things.