Sep 25, 2008

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Karl Rove, McCain and/or Palin? Which rotten Republicans will SPOIL their Fall harvest?

It's difficult to sort out the rotten apples.

There is little to say. The smell of rotten apples fill the air. The Republicans have destroyed the economy, shattered the work force, sold out OUR COUNTRY and there is no place further for them to run, no place for ANYONE to hide from their gross incompetence and greed...sure, they'll keep trying to blame and shame others, but it won't work. We will throw the rotten apples out. They are easy to see and smell. Their greed, their over ripe bigshotism, their grandstanding and know-it-all-ness has collapsed into a pile of whimpering stink...still, with righteous screams of loud aftermath they try and shake us down...what remains is the sickening result of unlimited selfishness and destructive and bloody deeds against mankind and a shabby AMERICAN witness against fellow human beings, family and vision of grandiosity/purity is too big for the disturbed and feardriven brains that still refuse to hang their heads with ANY "common sense" of humility or reach out for help!

Last night President Bush took NO RESPONSIBILTIY for his mistakes, for his lies for his degenerate leadership...instead, he alluded to others who had mismanaged our ECONOMIC affairs (while Rome burned he fiddled by instigating MORE fear and hate and telling more lies about our "robust" economy).

No lie is too small or too large to keep trying to tell for self-righteous, fundamentalist, irresponsible, shifty extremist religious members of the GOP (and their handlers) group in the History of The United States has ever proven as arrogant, emotionally/spiritually destructive, dangerous and criminal against other citizens as the evolved damaged political party named the GOP.

The Dominionist PURITY dream is a sick addiction turned puritanical obsession in OUR everyday must be recognized and stopped immediately from harming others...WE THE PEOPLE can no longer enable self-destructive behavior or the outright abusing and exploiting of fellow citizens by self-righteous bigots and the insatiable greed...The Republican "selfwill" machine has already run way out of control and it CLEARLY can't be fixed until it is stopped...they are addicted to the sound of their own rationalizing, smearing of others, outright irresponsible/unaccountable behavior and the beliving of their own lies.

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