Sep 10, 2008

"What a Fine Kettle O' Fish" Fred and MANY other Episcopalians find ourselves in...

"For example, in Captain Francis Grose’s Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue of 1811, it’s explained like this: 'When a person has perplexed his affairs in general, or any particular business, he is said to have made a FINE KETTLE OF FISH of it'."

"Perplexed" because you're finding yourself in a "fine kettle of fish" at The Episcopal Church?

This afternoon, while making my rounds of the blogs that I'm especially interested in reading, I came upon the thoughts of dear friends at Off Topic Allowed...


"These seemingly related only in concept "takeovers" are in fact a larger and more direct attack on the Episcopal Church." Fred Schwartz/San Joaquin


Fred Schwartz has this, and more, to say:

"My first suggestion, after much thought, is that the primate involved, in this instance, Greg Venables, the Province and every bishop in that province be named personally and individually liable for these incursions.

+Greg Venables/Argentina

Certainly they are the direct as well as indrect beneficiaries of the "realignment". They benefit immediately with the illegal transfer of property and cash to the various entities within the new province. In addition, we test out some new legislation that perhaps attacks these individuals, perhaps under the Alien and Sedition Acts or perhaps under some IRS or INS code that gives these Primates the opportunity to expend their resources and their time and their attorneys in court. Perhaps were Mr. Venables named in suits in Fort Worth and San Joaquin and Pittsburgh and forced to appear any number of times – or better yet, when here arrested as a flight risk and held here until these suits were over the other Primates may begin to think twice about these stupid, mean-spirited and ugly forays into the Episcopal Church.
Now, we will hear one more time about how awful we are that we are "suing" and we my stand to lose more laity but hey, in about 5 years we are all going to be "Southern Conaliones" otherwise so what's to lose?

If we want to avoid the inevitable then we will need to create a much broader strategy that includes some form of offense. A defensive strategy will only postpone the inevitable."

Fred Schwartz/The Episcopal Church Diocese of San Joaquin

Leonardo Ricardo has this to say:

For many years I have believed (since the exposed Chapman Memo and after the "excluders/destructionists" organized their very own, private, purified/extra-Holy "Place to Stand" ALONE and CLOSED and restricted/policied to admit only "the pure" at Dallas). The Episcopal Church has been far too passive when being infiltrated by grandstanding religious bigots who wear the NEW WHITE HOODED SHEETS (with apparently no eyeholes)which are the costume/custom of the self-imagined and arrogant orthodox "correct." The Episcopal Church has been FAR too passive/polite and inactive/cowardly when dealing with dangerous, trespassing, Dominionist extremists and thieves who deceive fellow Christians with their SECRET intentions of harming/excluding others at ALL levels of Churchlife. I believe the right wing political religiosity of fear/hate has been introduced, generated and has infected fellow Christians in such a large degree that UGLY LOATHING OF OTHERS (or worse in Nigeria/Kenya/Uganda) is considered a holy activity of Anglicanism...perhaps a new Holy Sacrament, like Drexel Gomez's Covenant, to discriminate against other Christians? The ongoing preaching of such excluding ignorance by selective Scriptural preachers/poachers, pontificators is similar to acts of rabid superstiousness and witch craft...crimes of PURITANLIKE HATE are promoted at The Anglican Communion/beyond as Canterbury silently burns to the ground.

It's WAY PAST time to take aggressive legal action against criminals (of all varieties) who are attempting to takeover OUR's way past time to stop with the codependent "pretending" and "suffering" and "fasting" as TEC facilitates degradation aimed at fellow Episcopalians/others.

It's time for the The Presiding Bishop and her advisors, The Executive Committee, The House of Deputies, The House of Bishops to take strong aggressive action(s) BEFORE more of the destructionist CRUSADE of CHAOS is allowed to set/move-in and around at Church and steal our honorability, courage, LOVE for oneanother/fellowship, our heritage and patrimony at The Body of Christ.


Help Is On The way/Summer 2009/The Episcopal Church General Convention/Anaheim, California


Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--Is blogger eating the comments?

Leonardo Ricardo said...

I don't know what "Is blogger eating the comments" means...are some of your comments missing? Maybe it's me that somehow screwed up...I'm learning everyday and have just discovered how to install live links in my posts (Thanks Padre Mickey)!

Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--Yes, one comment is missing but...

Shrugging shoulders. It was a bit of a rant. Maybe God is monitoring the comments. Scary.

THE Padre is a live link for all of us.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Bonnie, PLEASE rant onward! I love it when you rant (sometimes you save me from doing it...would that be a sin of omission?)

Hope all is well, best to your wonder-husband too!

Fred Schwartz said...


I am flattered and I agree with my "blog-brother". It is way past time to move offensively to thwart these purple-shirted thugs that have created chaos where peace was -- created dissension where love existed and created bigotry where inclusivity once reigned.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

It is way past time to move offensively to thwart these purple-shirted thugs that have created chaos where peace was -- created dissension where love existed and created bigotry where inclusivity once reigned." Fred

You know Fred, I think that is the problem...Episcopalians are far too polite and well-bred and considerate/fair and tasteful and,and,and to realize that we have been supporting by "looking the other way" or for "the greater good" criminal behavior...when, in fact, we are being attacked by thugs in suits and purple garb who wish to steal from us...their dominionistlike/destructionist/greed campaign/rationale is of no interest to me pther than I'll HAVE NONE OF IT..but these virtueless religious criminals ought be a great matter of importance to any healthy minded family, friend or parent who have noticed the rationalizing "social agreements" that condone fear, greed, difference and hate at CHURCH!

Enough "listening" to this vile group!

Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--I am not going to try to reconstruct the post. But basically it said we should not give any money to bail out the Anglican Communion structure. And your last two posts are very good reasons why we shouldn't and should only give money to feed alleviate hunger, fear, injustice and oppression. It is obvious that the African primates are doing a piss poor job of it. No money to bail ++Rowan out.

And have you ever noticed that Venables looks like that purple/blue parrot in Star Wars.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Bonnie, I find Venables a very creepy's easy to review his sloppyslamming and righteous "flip" style when watching him on old Anglican, er Fanglican, TV interviews...I hardly am able to stomach this man in general but find his sense of not-so-classy accented "humor" regarding serious subjects about LGBT Christians quite stupid and careless...really, this guy is obviously not-up-to-standard in the leadership department (any leadership) and if he weren't in South America he'd be a "bloke"...IN South America, Central and the Caribbean he's more likely a "Pendejo"...not nice.