Sep 12, 2008

LORD HAVE MERCY:Bishop Orombi of Uganda – John Bosco Nyombi believes he will be killed – because of his sexuality

Archbishop Henri Orombi of Uganda

THE Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Henry Luke Orombi, is furious by reports that the United States of America Presidential hopeful Barack Obama will consider gay rights equal with racial civil rights.

"It is distressing that Barack Obama a fellow African would promote racial civil rights as morally equivalent to immoral civil behaviour. We are Africans and know the difference between moral behaviour and responsibility as opposed to civil rights being compared to homosexuality." Henri Orombi

URGENT ATTENTION REQUIRED: Bishop Henri Orombi, please save your fellow Anglican Church/Uganda countryman from being murdered because of his sexuality and as a result of the current campaign encouraging HOMOPHOBIA promoted by YOU and others in UGANDA:

Gay man faces death after removal to Uganda

"John Bosco Nyombi believes he will be killed if he is returned to Uganda on Sunday – because of his sexuality.

The gay asylum seeker, from Chichester Road, North End, is due to be removed from the country after living and working in Portsmouth for seven years. He was arrested yesterday (Tues 9th) and is currently being held at Portsmouth Central police station. A flight has been booked to take him back to Uganda at 6.40am on Sunday. (Sept 14th)

Friends from St Jude’s Church in Southsea are to held a prayer meeting (Thursday 11th), as campaigners lobby the Home Office to allow him to stay. They believe his life is at risk if immigration officials carry out their plans to deport him.

His asylum case revolves around the fact that homosexuality is illegal in Uganda and carries a punishment of life imprisonment or worse. On top of that, his brother, who was a high-profile opposition campaigner in Uganda, was murdered by supporters of the government, and John Bosco was told it was too dangerous for him to stay in Uganda.

He fled the country and arrived in the UK in September 2001. After spending four months in Haslar Immigration Removal Centre in Gosport, he settled in Portsmouth. He started coming to St Jude’s Church, where worshippers initially helped him with food and money, as he was receiving no benefits.

He started work caring for adults with mental health problems, spending much of his income on solicitors’ fees. He also paid taxes, paid rent and worked voluntarily as treasurer of the Haslar Visitors’ Group, visiting other asylum seekers detained in Haslar. At one point he won his asylum case, but the Home Office then appealed against the decision. Since then, his case has been heard in the High Court. But he was told over the summer that his legal options had run out.

While his case was being heard, he was required to sign in regularly with immigration officials at Portsmouth Central police station. It was during one of these routine visits that he was arrested on Tuesday. (Sept 9th)

Michael Woolley, co-ordinator of the Haslar Visitors’ Group, said: “The way these arrests are carried out is disgraceful, without any chance to put affairs in order. John has signed regularly at a police station for years, and there is no reason to think he would abscond. Yet he was given no notice, no opportunity to pack a bag, to say goodbye to his friends or to sell his car. He is doing two jobs but has been unable to give notice to either employers or landlord. He has had no chance to close his bank account or make arrangements for friends to meet him in Kampala.

“A more humane system would give staged warnings. In John’s case, he lost his last case in the summer and was told, in a standard general letter, that he must now leave the UK. He was trying to arrange further legal representation. Then he was arrested. It would have been better to issue an order for him to report with his cases packed. That approach appears to work in the USA.”

The Diocese of Portsmouth, England

Gay Man Faces Death in Uganda



John Bosco

UPDATE, Sunday, September 21, 2008:

Ugandan John Nyombi was deported on a flight in Entebbe on Friday evening. His supporters in the UK say he is now in hiding from police.

The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission issued an action alert on Thursday because of the escalating violence against LGBT people in Uganda.

Mr Nyombi's solicitors believe that the deportation was "an illegal act of the UK Border Agency."


Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--Orombi doesn't get it. And I think his comments are racist. It is obvious that he is only looking at the outside. We all have the same red blood pumping under the skin. Mr. Obama has a big love-filled heart and quite a few brains. Orombi has a really tiny brain and a very large hate-filled heart. If ++Rowan Williams wants this dude, he can have him. We need to dump Fanglican fantasy land.

Prayers ascending for Mr. John Nyombi and his friends. I wonder if the people who helped Davis gain asylum can help him also.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Orombi is worse than a racist...he's a blame/shame hebegeebee inducing witchdoctor type who feeds lies and filth to his followers (both home and abroad) to cover up for his own LACK of ability to help solve REAL, civil war/civil rights, troubles at home...either that or he's just plain stupid, reckless and unwise as he struts about mouthing off about LGBT people he seems to know nothing about..."greedy" racist comes to mind...a racist of the worst kind who BLAMES "foreigners" , think White People, for LGBT natural/genetic sexual orientations amongst native Ugandans.

Leonardo Ricardo said...


I'm a English American

Obama is a African American

Obama a American of African heritage, he's NOT the same as you...stop trying to create DIFFERENCE and problems in the are bigot and a sneaky poaching trouble maker...hardly a man healing man of demoralize fellow human beings both at home in Uganda and abroad!

fs said...

Archbishop Henri Orombi's heart is very small: it is no bigger than his skin. He can see the wrong in racism, which hurts him, but he can't see the wrong in his own homophobia, which hurts others. Jesus would tell him: judge not, lest ye be judged. Jesus would tell him that his private lusts, the very thoughts of his heart, render him equal to those he so eagerly persecutes. Jesus would embrace John Bosco Nyombi and rebuke Henri Orombi.

And...what Bonnie said. ;-)

Grandmère Mimi said...

Oh my! How sad. Why after so long in the UK? I pray the authorities change their minds, but the chances seem slim. What a tragedy.

Anonymous said...

There are a growing number of people fighting to help John stay in the UK - you can help by signing the online petition at:

Please sign this - John has been granted a brief reprieve to re-appeal his case to the British Home Office. The more people who sign the better! Blessings


Anonymous said...

John's situation has suddenly become EXTREMELY urgent. Details can be found at

John is now very very scared, his friends are scared for him. WE NEED YOUR HELP - please visit the blog, email John's MP, leave your messages of support. Every little helps. This is now a truly desperate situation.