Sep 19, 2008

Pots filled with Flowers for The Episcopal Church, our Bishops, our Clergy and THE LAITY!

Good Morning from STORMY Central America.

I thank you for the great, and carefully determined, ongoing road to honorability OUR Episcopal Church/Anglican Communion has taken at yesterdays House of Bishops meeting at Salt Lake City, Diocese of Utah...yes, it's time to keep focused on OUR individual and collective vows/responsibilities at The Body of Christ and thanks to all who RESTATE those eternal values for ALL of Gods Beloved...we are a group of Christians who attempt to "Love Thy Neighbor" (all of our neighbors) and do NOT endorse exclusion or promote CRIMES OF HATE from the pulpit nor promote difference or the demeaning of others...The Episcopal Church WELCOMES everyone and won't be highjacked or kidnapped by anyone (of formerly "trusted" leadership authority or not)...we have a great "mission" that is even more than what was perceived many decades's a mission of saying NO MORE to discrimination, to superstitous prejudice and hate amongst OUR religious family, our friends and ALL other members of The Episcopal Church/Anglican Communion.

Heterosexual Women and LGBT Christians/Anglicans/others WORLDWIDE need our leadership and guidance/experience as many are demoralized, demonized and raped/persecuted/jailed/abused...Meanwhile, The Anglican Churches of Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, The Congo and handful of others play religious PRETEND, promote fear and hate, and they harm even more human beings as civil/tribal wars and corruption rage out-of-control around them:

45 African Women raped everyday in just ONE area of The Democratic Republic of The Congo

Emotionally, intellectually and spiritually primitive outcasting/blaming and shaming of others is completely unacceptable at The Episcopal Church. Exclusive "excluding" groups of unorthodox religious people who prefer to "stand alone" and think they are "more pure" than the rest of us are pitiful...tainted exclusivity at Church is deadly no matter how well religious "opportunists" have convinced/reassured and rationalized themselves into beliving of their great personal and superior selective Scriptural interpretating "virtue"'s all a sad cheap/thin tradition of biggoted PRETEND that a kills real people, attacks OUR spirit and often attempts to violate/stomp out souls. All this while elevating the PRIDE of the self-righteous "excluders" so they can feel extra "Godly" and SAFE from their own lack of trust in a God who has a wide variety of children...violators of the diginity and humanity of fellow Christians/others must repent or more spiritually healthy Christians/others will "fall away" exceptions, nobody gets a "pass" for "righteously" harming fellow Christians/others at Church.

Lord Hear My Prayer

above painting/"Our Flower Pots Runneth Over" 3'x4' mixed media, masonite panel mounted on cedar stretch bars (finished yesterday)

photo/juan carlos castillo fuentes


Cany said...

Gorgeous, Leonardo, just gorgeous.

Fred Schwartz said...

Your words are music building to a crescendo and your painting transcends the heavens in its beauty. Your art amazes me!