Sep 29, 2008

"Why Sarah Palin SCARES me" (and many Republicans too)

By Jon Person

"October 2nd can't get here fast enough. Joe, please politely debate that Creationist Bible extremist rape-and-incest-apathetic pork-barreling controversy-laden big-oil spouse scripted smile off of her oil sucking earmark supporting email-hiding face for us all. The United States Government is no place for someone who got a passport in 2007, prays away homosexuality, doesn't know what VP's do, and thinks God sent us to Iraq and God wants us to build pipelines. I'd say if God wanted anything, it wouldn't be oil and war, do you think? Sarah, I'd say God is more likely to make this happen than be your silent little yes-man.

And now Sarah Palin refuses to do any interviews because of all this controversy. The Reps would rather ride her charm all the way to the White House and say they are the real voice of change. Why does somebody avoid interviews? They either have something to hide or they are unprepared to take office.

If you want to judge someone on charm alone, go skim People magazine instead of voting in a Presidential election."


Scott Hankins said...

your second picture gave me my 778th laugh for the day. thanks. she's no good at lying. which may be a problem.

FranIAm said...

Can you hear the applause from here???

Great post Ricardo!

John-Julian, OJN said...

That's a beauty, brother.

The horror is that there is actually a substantial number of Americans who really want her and all she stands for.

Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--She only opens her mouth long enough to take one foot out and put the other one in. The thought of this bimbo being the president of the US is very, very scary. Someone likened her to George Bush in a dress. Yikes!

Also, I sent you an email on your other email address.

Hugs to you and Juan.