Sep 26, 2008

Senator Barack Obama from the State of Illinois...became the run-away favored U.S. Presidential candidate TONIGHT!

The difference was staggering...the old man who wages war and a younger man who wages peace.

Thanks be to God, we're seeing Change we can believe in...Change is taking place on "things that matter*."

I believe it will be a Democratic sweep in more PRETEND, no more DENIAL, no more rampant greed/worse nurtured in the White House! I find it especially inspiring that I'm alive and voting for the first African American U.S. President.

*Martin Luther King


Fred Schwartz said...

Well said Leonardo -- but just in case we need to keep working!

Anonymous said...

Agreed. He spoke as the only "world statesman (sic)" I have heard in a generation. This was borne out by the measured reactions to his lifting of our vision to how the rest of the world used to see this place called the United States of America. I'm not an advocate of empire, but I know hope when I hear it. And so did the rest of the world tonight. Thank you, Barack.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dear Fred,

Like you, I endorse the "We Never Close" policy (we can't ever take our eye off the ball again because the lunatics are rushing around trying to find gaps in decency).

We are not only fully alert, we are responsible.

Yours 24/7


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Yes, Scott...hope...finally, out of oppression, decline, arrogance and deceit...imagine, a honorable Country led by a honorable President! Tonight I saw who we really are (again) a people.

Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo and all--I really thought McCain fell down on the energy issue and I probably could wish that Obama would hit the Republicans harder on that issue and tie it to the global warming issue.

I kept getting distracted by McCain's strobing neck tie and pasted on smirk and the Charlie McCarthy mouth. Or is he more of a Mortimer Snerd? His "debate" seemed to consist of "Mr. Obama doesn't understand." Translanted it means: "McCain doesn't get it."

I see Guatemala is in for some stormy weather Leonardo. So, prayers to San Miguel, on his feast day, to guard, and protect you all.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dear Bonnie,

I found McCain "stuck" in his desperation to expose all he thought right about Iraq...he insisted on bringing the subject of his great "surge" idea back and back into the spotling...that fragile surge that NOBODY knows will be helpful in the long run...afterall, Obama was more importantly correct as we ought not have been in Iraq in the first place...we were lied to and the effort proved all wrong as war rages on elsewhere....McCain reminded me on someone being interviewed who keep beating his own drum...overly beating his own drum...tiresome, weak appearing and unstable for the long haul...sad, but he can go back to the Senate and be a Maverick some more...they will need Republicans of good will and integrity.