Sep 14, 2008

The Southern Conealone circus continues: Bishop Venables sniffs/snuffs out a potentially embarrassing "Publicity Stunt"

Bishop Greg Venables, Argentina

As EVERYONE knows, DANGER LURKS in the hearts of some Western Hemisphere "bad" MEN (and a Woman) at The Body of Christ/Anglican Communion. Thank goodness the multi-tainted "quickdraw" (as in banking accounts) Venables recognizes a RAT TRAP when he smells one. Greg Venables, formerly a curate at The Church of England and now a Bishop of Argentina, has thankfully EXPOSED three notorious Primate "tricksters" just IN THE NICK OF TIME (before a meeting they request with him and the Archbishop of Canterbury). These three Anglican Communion antichristas can be found in photos below...they were no doubt plotting and conniving to talk Venables out of his "religious eccentrisities" and stuff (newly scaveged border-crossing/raiding and "poached" property/riches gleaned from his anti-LGBT Christian excluding campaign) that he's acquired at parishes other than his own in Brazil, The United States of America and Canada:

Bispo Primaz Mauricio Andrad, Primate of Brazil

Presiding Bishop Katharyn Jefferts Schori, Primate of The Episcopal Church

Archbishop Hiltz, Primate of The Anglican Church of Canada

You'll be glad to know that +Greg uncovered this deadly straight-forward yet somehow devious plot to "corner" him and is having NONE OF golly, no soap, NADA, as we say in the New World!

Read it all here (if you've not recently eaten):

Bishop Venables: Canadian Primate’s Proposal a ‘Publicity Stunt’
September 14th, 2008 Posted in Anglican Church Of Canada, Recife -Southern Cone |

By Steve Waring, The Living Church

"Presiding Bishop Gregory Venables, primate of the Anglican Church of the Southern Cone, expressed dismay and suspicion after Archbishop Fred Hiltz, primate of Canada, went public with his request for Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams to convene a meeting to discuss cross-border incursions.

In an interview published Sept. 10 by the Anglican Journal of Canada, Archbishop Hiltz said he had requested that Archbishop Williams convene a meeting with Bishop Venables, himself, Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, and Archbishop Mauricio de Andrade, primate of Brazil.

“I talked to Fred about this at Lambeth, but it never occurred to me that a private discussion would become public without us both agreeing first,” Bishop Venables told The Living Church. “It looks more like a publicity stunt than a serious desire for dialogue.

“What more is there to discuss? I told him why I was doing this and he told me how he felt about it,” Bishop Venables said. “Boundary crossing is not the primary issue. It is a secondary issue resulting from the communion-splitting action of blessing sexual sin by the U.S. and Canadian churches.”

The Canadian diocese of New Westminster has permitted individual congregations to conduct same-sex blessings since 2002 and Bishop Michael Ingham of New Westminster has repeatedly rejected calls for him to withdraw his consent. Archbishop Hiltz said the Windsor Continuation Group’s renewed call at Lambeth for a moratorium on same-sex blessings also represents “a huge pastoral challenge” for the bishops of four other Canadian dioceses where the diocesan synod has asked the bishop for permission to conduct such blessings.

Archbishop Hiltz told the Journal that bishops who are being asked to hold off on same-sex blessings are bound to ask “Am I going to see a similar act of graciousness on the part of a primate or bishop who intervenes from another province?”

Bishop Venables said that he found it curious that Archbishop Hiltz would to meet only with him, since the primates of Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda and Uganda also have been providing primatial oversight to Anglican dissidents in North America. Bishop Venables said he has already made it clear what needs to happen before provisions for “temporary, emergency and pastoral oversight” will end.

“We will have no problem ceasing interventions once we see repentance and a return to biblical principles,” he said.

Steve Waring

OH it here:

Venables determines "publicity stunts" and "meetings to resolve differences" can be STICKY and personally ICKY unless he keeps up his vigilant "control" policy of NOT attending them.


Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--His brain is as dessicated as his body.

You can never have a reasonable discussion with these people. I think they all slipped a bolt somewhere a long time ago and no one noticed, and certainly not least of all, ++Taffy in his ivory-towered Fanglican Land.

Leonardo Ricardo said...


I'm truly amazed...everytime I read one of their corrupt angling (as in Anglicaning) and twisted TRUTH/rationalizations for obscene behavior, I gasp! Really, one has to be a very sick cookie to orchestrate this demonizing/intollerant dominonist/frundamentalist religious slop...then, they find little demented/bigot audiences to "play" this garbage's really like a very bad conjob that brings out the worst in everyone...even some of the lighterfooted players are starting to see how silly and greedriven it all is...the thud you hear is the beat of their spiritually empty drum.