Nov 10, 2010

Senate Candidate David Kuria Mbote/KENYA: ¨It is important and opportune to advocate for issues that affect the whole society--LGBTI citizens included...¨

Aspiring Senator for Kiambu, Kenya - David Kuria Mbote
¨Since announcing interest in running for a political office, I have heard many people seek to understand why take such a seemingly radical action in a region that is extremely homophobic, - and for someone who is outwardly vocal on Gay, Lesbian and Trangender rights. Some of the questions asked include, what benefits or risks will emanate from such interest?

There are some who are apprehensive that such political interest might lead to exposing LGBTI persons especially those in the closet to greater social scrutiny, leading perhaps to further stigmatization and discrimination – maybe culminating a homophobic legislation such as the one in the Ugandan parliament.

It becomes necessary then, to clarify what this candidature is about and why it is important and opportune at this point in time in our history. HERE

The National Flag of Kenya
Gay Kenyan Senate hopeful David Kuria speaks to us

¨Gay news from Africa is all too often bad news. But one Kenyan politician is giving new hope to gays in his country and the continent – and at the same time challenging European ideas about LGBT Africa.¨ HERE

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