Nov 3, 2010

¨NO ANGLICAN COVENANT¨ COALITION: Dedicated to the essential genius of Anglicanism and the potential negative consequences of adopting the Anglican Covenant

It´s time. It´s time to consider the Anglican Covenant.

It´s time to remember every single one of us at The Anglican Communion. It´s time to remember that we have brothers and sisters everywhere in the World who ought be welcomed/embraced and served at the Communion rail of our everyday religious lives.

All different kinds of human beings everywhere/anywhere come to be with us/you...they are us and we are them at The Body of Christ. Everyone of our sisters and brothers must be welcomed and invited to receive the gifts of God for the people of God. It´s the offering of Christian hospitality. It´s inclusive, it´s a family gathering/feast, it´s joy, it´s fellowship it´s the authentic guarantee of ¨Godly¨ forgiveness and personal acceptance.

I don´t think we should shun anyone at the Anglican Communion...not in the name of Christ or by the authority of any ¨exclusive/excluding¨ Covenant some have invented instead of trying to  understand/listen with/to one another better. Our Baptismal Covenant gives us the right to belong together and stay together. Nobody moves. Stay where you/we are. We´re not going anywhere. We belong to God and one another...that´s the intended reality of our most holy *situation*!

WE, people like me (and you), have always been front and center and participating fully in our lives/your lives.  We are like you and we are honored to be with you. We stand shoulder to shoulder with all of you. Like it not, ready or not, we´re right here next to you at the alter, singing in the choir or quietly praying to God for a ¨miracle¨ or two. We are the we´s in the next pew at an Anglican or Episcopal Church near you...we care about you (and hope that you care about us too).

No Anglican Covenant, I don´t want anyone to exclude you, or the likes of you...that might be me. 

Mil Gracias, Leonardo Ricardo, Central America, November 3, 2010,  Richard Hooker Feast Day 

¨Este sitio es el trabajo de la Coalición De ¨No Anglican Covenant¨. La Coalición contiene a Cristianos dedicados, muchos de ellos “bloggers”, de alrededor de la Comunión Anglicana Mundial que creen que la propuesta Contrato Anglicano que se les está pidiendo a nuestras iglesias que endosen o ratifiquen es, si mucho, redundante, pero además hará daño irreparable a nuestras iglesias y a nuestra Comunión.

En especial, miembros de la Coalición creen que el Convenio (Contrato) pudiera cambiar para siempre la naturaleza fundamental no solo de la Comunión Anglicana, si no del Anglicanismo mismo. De una comunidad de intereses de iglesias regionales y nacionales, pero diversas, que se apoyan mutuamente, que trazan sus tradiciones históricas y litúrgicas de la Iglesia de Inglaterra amenaza a emerger una iglesia monolítica, mundial que no responda a las necesidades locales, estrecha en su perspectiva teológica, y gobernada exclusivamente por obispos a quienes la mayoría de nosotros jamás veremos.

Es irónico que los herederos de la Reforma Inglesa proponen ahora que las iglesias renuncien su autonomía a una autoridad central conservadora. A pesar de protestas del siglo XVI que la Iglesia de Inglaterra solamente estaba cambiando al Papa por el Rey de Inglaterra como cabeza de la iglesia, cambios de mucho alcance se implementaron rapidamente en la nueva iglesia independiente, algunos de los cuales aparecerían en la tradición Católica Romana hasta siglos más tarde.

Desde la más temprana historia, el Anglicanismo ha sido una amalgama incómoda de al parecer, tradiciones eclesiásticas incompatibles. Mientras que vemos esto como una de las fortalezas del Anglicanismo, otros lo ven como una debilidad que se debe de corregir. Ciertamente, por quinientos años, los que se adhirieron a una tradición ú otra han tratado de extinguir maneras de pensar que compitan dentro de las iglesias Anglicanas. Sus victorias, por lo general, han sido locales y a corto plazo.

La ¨No Anglican Covenant¨ propuesta, sin embargo, podría introducir una conversión al por mayor de un Anglicanismo vibrante e iridiscente a una nada monocromática de la cual el trabajo del Espíritu Santo sea excluido permanentemente.

Oponiéndonos a la adopción de esta Convención estamos trabajando para prevenir semejante calamidad. Nosotros, los miembros de la Coalición de ¨No Anglican Covenant¨, estamos actuando independientemente y no necesariamente tenemos las mismas perspectivas que las que tienen nuestras iglesias ó las organizaciones a las cuales pertenecemos.¨  NO ANGLICAN COVENANT official site, leer todo Aqui

¨This site is the work of the No Anglican Covenant Coalition. The Coalition comprises dedicated Christians, many of them bloggers, from around the worldwide Anglican Communion who believe that the proposed Anglican Covenant our churches are being asked to endorse is, at best, redundant, but, more likely, will do irreparable harm to our churches and to our Communion.

In particular, the members of the Coalition believe that the covenant is likely to change forever the fundamental nature of not only the Anglican Communion, but also of Anglicanism itself. Out of a fellowship of mutually supportive yet diverse regional and national churches tracing their historical and liturgical traditions to the Church of England, there threatens to emerge a monolithic, worldwide church unresponsive to local needs, narrow in its theological outlook, and governed exclusively by bishops most of us will never see.

It is ironic that inheritors of the English Reformation are now proposing that churches surrender autonomy to a conservative central authority. Despite sixteenth-century protestations that the Church of England was merely replacing the Pope with the King of England as head of the church, far-reaching changes were quickly implemented in the newly independent church, some of which would appear in Roman Catholic tradition only centuries later.

From its earliest history, Anglicanism has been an uncomfortable amalgam of seemingly incompatible ecclesiastical traditions. Whereas we see this as Anglicanism’s strength, others view it as a weakness to be corrected. Indeed, for five hundred years, adherents of one tradition or another have attempted to extinguish competing strains of thought within Anglican churches. Their victories mostly have been local and short-lived.

The proposed Anglican Covenant, however, could usher in a wholesale conversion of a vibrant and iridescent Anglicanism into a monochromatic nonentity from which work of the Holy Spirit has been permanently precluded. The Covenant, after all, seeks uniformity, rather than unity. Uniformity gives the illusion of unity and is most easily achieved by expelling or silencing voices that dissent from a defined norm—in other words, by a series of acts of disunity. But true unity is a gift of God for which diversity is a prerequisite.

By opposing the adoption of the covenant, we are working to prevent the calamity that a major change to the Anglican Communion could easily become.

We, the members of the No Anglican Covenant Coalition are acting independently and do not necessarily hold the same views as those of our churches or of other organizations to which we belong.¨ read it all,  NO ANGLICAN COVENANT, official site, click 

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