Nov 16, 2010

FROM KENYA WITH LOVE: ¨For some time I closed myself from love, from the truth, from companionship¨

Denis Nzioka, ¨I am a good lover ¨
¨Thing is I was afraid of loving. No, I was afraid of getting hurt. I was afraid of giving my heart to someone and be hurt in the end. Yes, there were to be good and bad times, but my fear was always that I would be so vulnerable to the point I would not recover from heartbreak. I am a good lover. I give my all to that special someone who I call my lover, partner and friend. I want them to be there for me always and for me to know I can count on them. They must be understanding and generous, easy to chat with and really special.

Many times, I always assumed the worst. I always thought to myself that the person I am with may cheat on me or lie to me or sleep around and this really scared me. I even went to the point of saying that there is no love between two gay men (or women for that matter!) Most of the relationships I saw in my friends were just sham, shallow and cheap. Many people just woke up and decide I am in love with so and so and two days later, they are with another. The level of infidelity was so high and so blatant that I just thought to myself, if this is the way things are, I am out..

So, where am I now? For one, I am indeed in love. And not just in love, but head over heels! But question is, who would have thought Denis Nzioka would settle or even fall in love? Today, I meet so many people and when I tell them I am in love, they either laugh or look at me with that –whatcha-talking-about? look. Yes, I know. I am the last person on earth you would expect to say they are in love, or in a relationship or monogamous. But it is so true!

But all that has changed now. I am in love and in love with only one person. He is my lover, partner, friend and confidante. He is the person who has made Denis Nzioka change from a cold, heartless monster to a love-forlorn prince who has the whole world at his feet. He is the one who has assured me that it is okay to be afraid but that I need not worry. He has shown me how to love and love completely and not be afraid of getting hurt because he will not.

He has changed me to be a better person. He has shown me how to love. He is the best thing that ever happened to me. So, to you out there, if Denis Nzioka can do it, so can you. You do not have to be afraid. It is alright to love; it is alright to give all...¨  being completely in love in Kenya, HERE

OP-ED FROM DENIS NZIOKAKenyan Gay & Trans Martyrs HERE

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