Nov 22, 2010

LIVING HELL IN UGANDA: Priests, Bishops, Religious Sorcerers, Political Hatchetmen, Liars and Common Thieves Promote Abuse and Murder!

¨Ethics and Morals¨  Minister James Nasba Buturo
¨....Buturo. He is on my mind. Unsettled. But, what can I do?

Somewhere I read that he was once a witchdoctor. Maybe he is, because he manages to unsettle me, when I should not be. When I should be relaxed, sunning myself, on a very beautiful day. Holiday that I should have taken long ago, had to be bullied into taking.

He is far away, relaxed, at least so I think.

But, I am thinking of him. And his pride in bullying us. Using his bully pulpit to literally terrorise us, the undesirables of his world.

I am thinking of that in the last post. How he stopped a sex worker conference, where they were going to talk about HIV/AIDS. Yes, the guy is a bully. And, me being his whipping boy, I feel it.

And, the last word to that article in the Monitor, when Buturo said he was confident that the Anti-Homosexuality bill would become law.

Yes, it is that bill that gives me nightmares.

I know, it is aimed at us. That bill. Last night, talking to one of us, a kuchu, I told her that she shouldnt be worried. Of course I knew she should, but what can I say? I told her, first on the lists will be us. Because we are the 'militant' homosexuals, spreading homosexuality through our blogs and writing and activism. Prison, maybe the hangman for 'repeat offenders'.

A bully drives me into a corner. I cannot sleep. I cannot rest. My mind is in overdrive.

I must sleep. And use my energies well. Because, the bigger fight is coming HERE


¨Campus Nail¨ Publication at Makerere University
Tabloids fighting the war on gays is a growth industry in Uganda. I am aware of the Red Pepper, Rolling Stone and the Onion. Now comes a Makerere University publication called the Campus Nail. Published by the same printing house that printed the Rolling Stone, the Campus Nail has another so-called expose of recruitment on the Makerere University campus. With a big picture of Martin Ssempa and the headline “Homosexuals Recruit 1000 Makerere Students,” the full page article follows the same type of writing found in the Rolling Stone.

According to this story, gays are mad and so are getting back by recruiting and sending graduates into the high schools to recruit some more.

Anglican Member of Parliament, David Bahati, author of  ¨Kill the Gays¨ Bill pending in Uganda
The article quotes ”a doctor in Colorado USA” that says that homosexuality is more dangerous than smoking (why does this set me laughing?  Bahati is trying to kill  homosexuals so why would he possibly be concerned about shorter life spans for Gays who smoke?  Maybe he ought better introduce legislation to put warning labels on our packages?  Beats the Hell out being murdered by religious fanatics grandstanding for American bigot cash...Leonardo Ricardo). Paul Cameron’s name is not used but his “studies” are cited to demonstrate that homosexuality cuts 24 years off one’s life. Recently, David Bahati told Canadian radio a similar statistic. I guess we know where the Ugandans are getting their information.HERE

Another Anti-Gay American Bigot Hawks Religion in Africa

by Wayne Besen

What is it with Uganda and homo-obsessed Christians? Are their lives so empty and faith so barren that they most go half way across the world to make peoples’ lives miserable? HERE

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