Nov 28, 2010


Ah the joy that must sweep over the homophobic/religious bigotted ¨gay hater¨ when he discovers a ¨obvious¨ LGBTI person to target, torment and safely slander near him...another self-righteous adrenaline rush!  Yippee, another layer of false self-esteem!

I don´t think we ought go around policing the ¨look¨ or ¨actions¨  or ¨words¨ of our everyday LGBTI sisters and brothers in order to avoid a less conflicted fuss in the minds of those who despise or continues to be way past time for the uninformed bullies to face their own innermost prejudice, self-imagined personal threats, not-so-well disguised sexual demons and/or quirkly religiouslike-phobic-dislikes-disorder...being responsible for their own behavior and ¨righteous¨ acting out is the answer if one is willing to ¨see¨ the fear and hate more clearly...nor can we keep looking away from the bold and in-our-face acts/issues of emotional/spiritual sickness amongst the abusers of fellow human beings.

We won´t ignore injustice and pure bigotry anymore.  Playing pretend isn´t good for anyone/anywhere, in fact, it´s cowardly, codependent and promotes/co-authors the real author and Father of Lies that religiouslike ¨demeaners of others¨ rage on so much about...denial sure isn´t loving or compassionate for´s pure slothfullness ignoring wrong doing when one is abused.

It´s always been clear to me, as a Gay person from childhood-into manhood, that there was something very emotionally/spiritually twisted and ¨disordered¨ as well as plain ¨inconsistent¨ about those who ridicule, demonize and attempt to discriminate against/outcast LGBTI family/friends and everyday associates--all one really need do is listen to the vileness that explodes and spews out from the angry mouths of some of those who pretend to be heterosexual ¨normal¨ (many dress-up/clean-up vile words with ¨holy sounding¨ selective Scriptural preachings and faux Biblical understanding with unseen/undemonstrated compassion) but can´t be considered ¨normal¨ in view of their vicious and feardriven reaction to fellow human beings--no, I fully agree with the current assumption that something like a dangerous ¨too close for comfort¨ feeling must set-in when self-righteous religious bigots and their hateful ¨supremist¨ buddies are striking out against LGBTI people of every´s the old business of feeling better and more ¨whole¨ when demeaning others who are seemingly less-than you...a thin and shabby personal cover-up of ones flawed and defective personal character.

Violently ¨loathing¨ innocents is part of the self-loathing/self-destructive problem that can be contagious and may even lead to harming many ¨socially¨ vulnerable LGBTI people who buy into the vile lies and become active drug/alcoholic or sex addicts and/or self-loathing same-sex abusers HERE  and many attempt suicide (more direct/final self-destructiveness)...all the while trying hard to find some place to hide from an authentic sexual variation deep inside that they learned to despise.  Second hand loathing, like smoke, kills. 

Running as fast as one can from the embarrassment and the real pain (often physical as well as emotional and spiritual) of being persecuted and abused is very common amongst ¨closeted¨ or ¨potentially demonized¨ LGBTI people and often is simply, and justifiably, thought safer than facing abusers.  However, it´s not-so-strange that the religious/political ¨demonizers¨ of LGBTI families/fellow citizens are often more convulted of mind and Spirit than those they stridently and obsessively attempt to villify as perverted.  Often the image of the ¨twisted pervert¨ is the image of thugs and sadists on a blood thirsty hate spree.  When a preacher or priest instigates this kind of soul-sickness from the pulpit we´re viewing a gross and demented kind of religious grandstanding on the backs of people they don´t even usually know (much less have a clue about the true individual character of those whom they recklessly slander).

Round and round it goes, the abusers and some of the abused both perpetuate a great and dangerous lie that results in self-deciving and self-demoralizing behavior whether at Church, Temple, Bar or Street.  The homophope and even the innocent victim both can claim lack of personal security and personal emotional stability...the unhealthy blame/shame punishing game will stop when the abusers become ready to face the moral failure tainting their very own personal reality--that is of course the answers will come if they become willing (and find the courage) to face the ongoing truths buried inside of their own feardriven self-deceiving.

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