Nov 12, 2010

THE ANGLICAN COVENANT: A defective document--it will seperate us like the Primates are now seperating themselves for their upcoming meeting in Ireland

Denial and False Loyalty at The Anglican Communion
I´ve come to believe that it would be best to work hard for comprehensive change, face-to-face with others, rather than to slap a defective sticker on brokenness and cover it up with The Anglican Covenant and call us mended.  A shoddy repair job for human brokenness is being presented to us in the content of The Anglican Communion Covenant--an attempt at first quality fixing of real differences at the Anglican Communion. A Covenant that is ironeously commended to Anglicans as a unflawed approach to genuine healing and unity. 

Anglicans are now expected to believe that this far reaching ¨package¨ of spirituallike goods isn´t damaged and may not even be dangerous to everyone it touches.  We are expected to believe The Anglican Communion Covenant wouldn´t negatively impact the lives of  millions of Anglicans throughout the Anglican Communion.  

I think it would. 

Better than nothing isn´t a healthy approach when we´re considering the greater impact of  fear and hatedriven resentments and potential for blind punishment that is possible with the Anglican Covenant. The ¨trickle down¨  harm that can be done to Anglican Provinces via The Anglican Covenant and not ¨listening¨ instead is the real and continuing threat to our international well-being, Anglican family life and companion ministries.

The everyday lives of  Anglicans/others throughout the World of the Anglican Communion will be dangerously impacted if The Anglican Covenant is accepted.  Authentic LGBTI Anglicans and many Female Heterosexual Anglicans will continue to be discriminated against, marginalized and even made into outcasts if  some ill-natured, strident-self-righteous leaders are allowed to cast-out ¨different¨ Anglicans.  Thinkers/believers from the various unity conferences and gathering may experience sharing circles at the Communion that are ¨restricted¨ and no longer ¨open¨ to them even as observers.   

Unfortunately, for all, blindly keeping up ¨appearances¨ by endorsing the not-so-hidden ¨punitive¨ threats in Section 4 of the Anglican Covenant is wrong.  Archbishop Rowan Williams, Drexel Gomez and Bishop Cameron of Wales are attempting to railroad us with a potentially isolating and destructive document that will become the actual punishing tool/force at the Anglican Communion.  The Anglican Communion Covenant is not a helpful instrument for peacemaking and unity amongst us. In fact, the opposite is true as the covenant will seperate us and attempt to censor our individual relationships with one another and the Holy Spirit and also will taint the freedom of discernment inspirations at our provincial synods and conventions

The Anglican Covenant will seperate us like the Primates are now seperating themselves at the upcoming Primates meeting in Ireland. 

I think we must say no, no thank you, to denial and any self-destructive behavior at The Anglican Communion as it isn´t healthy for OUR lives at Church or beyond Church in everyday society.  We ought pay attention to what really is and not to what we pretend will not actually come into being. No Anglican Communion Covenant.

Embracing everyone at the Body of Christ, even the marginalized is still the key to unity in the Anglican family.

Surely most would agree with Archbishop Desmond Tutu who ¨...makes a plea to citizens in the United States, Africa and across the world, for acceptance of LGBT people. He asks people to stop the bullying, violence and sometimes murder of the gay and lesbian community. HERE

The Anglican Communion Covenant is a ¨bullying¨ document that will punish provinces who believe in inclusion for all at all levels of Anglicanlife.

It takes courage to face intimidation.  Many of us no longer are willing to look away from truth and play pretend or practice false loyalty and hide from truth.  Many of us have gained on courage, thanks be to God.  Thanks to all of you for helping us see and understand better in all that we do.

Pretending things are different than they really are isn´t spiritually, emotionally or physically healthy for anyone...especially for people like me and maybe for people like you too?

· Thanks to Archbishop Desmond Tutu
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· Thanks to Dr. Lionel Deimel, No Anglican Covenant (logo)


it's margaret said...

Exactly! Thank you dear brother.

chgorich said...

Dear Len, It's more than sad that so many denominations which claim to preach the love of Jesus Christ for all people still find it necessary to provide for exclusions of the LGBT's in the respective faiths. With all the problems in the world, it befuddles me to understand why such fury and furor is being perpetuated against gays and lesbians and bisexuals and transgenders. The United Methodist Church Judicial Council recently gave pastors the right to not accept gay people into their congregation.

We just have to keep pressing forward for full inclusion of all people in the Body of Christ. For Jesus Christ never said one bad word about homosexuals.

Your brother in peace,

Richard J.

Ann said...

Thank Leonardo - exactly right

Fred Schwartz said...

The mere discussion takes us into territory that the Conelonialists want us to be. They figure that the additonal discussion will bring more persons to them.

I say "Hell no to the Anglican Covenant".

Grandmère Mimi said...

Nothing is definitely better than this dangerous Daft Anglican Covenant.

The Anglican Communion Covenant is a ¨bullying¨ document that will punish provinces who believe in inclusion for all at all levels of Anglicanlife.