Nov 14, 2010

The ANGLICAN COVENANT according to FRED SCHWARTZ: ¨The Anglican Communion should promote the healthy relationship between each individual and his/her God¨

Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, ought promote ¨Healthy relationships between individuals and God¨ and not ramrod a punitive Anglican Communion Covenant
¨...One thing I find immutable at this point in my life. There are two great commandments. I find that Moses had ten and gave us all ten but those ten can be reduced to the two that Jesus gave us. First, love God with all your heart and all your mind and all your soul and, love your neighbor as yourself. (On these two commandments hang all the laws and the prophets.) But even having figured this much out, God's existence does not depend on me and these two commandments, only my relationship with God and my neighbor.

And so my actions, insofar as they affect my relationship with God and my neighbor depend on those things. Should there be more? Can there be more? What about all the other stuff like tradition and the Anglican Communion and the Archbishop of Canterbury and all that stuff? Well, that which I have described informs ALL my other actions and decisions. Notice that I said it informs MY actions and decisions. I have chosen to be Episcopal/Catholic (another time for that definition). I will say this much, since it has taken me about forever to get here (and I apologize to those who have been here and those who should have been here and were held out for reasons not entirely clear) that in my basic understanding as written about above, no one is excluded from participating. Not a single solitary soul. It cannot be, it should not be, it must not be.

Insofar as the Anglican Communion is concerned, if it promotes that which I have described, then we should keep it. If it does not, then jettison it just like so much flotsam and jetsam. The Anglican Communion should promote the healthy relationship between each individual and his/her God. I do not see that as happening, at least not right now. It has become an impediment to our journey and should be released. Nothing terrible will happen. God will not cease to exist because we do not belong to this Anglican Communion. Our relationship with our God and our neighbor will not be irreparably damaged if it goes away. Let others argue about the Covenant and about the Communion, it has become a millstone around our necks. Time to move on, time to get back to what matters, time to renew our relationship with God and our neighbors -- ALL our neighbors!

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· Thanks to Fred Schwartz, TEC diocese of San Joaquin
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Fred Schwartz said...

Thank you my friend. I am only sorry that it has taken us as long as it has to realize those things that are really important.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Exactly--imagine getting caught up in the demands of grandstanding religious despots who attempt to export corruption and superstitious cultural garbage and call it ¨Orthodox¨ beliving?

It seems to me they know NOTHING about any basics of applying real moral guideposts in their lives--those shabby character issues seem to trickle down to their countrymen and silently ¨authorize¨ prejudice and hate--the biggest bigots come from Nigeria and Uganda where they are engulfed in Civil War, beastly exploitation of one another and outright, and deadly, discrimination. I think these old not-so-gentlemen costumed in Anglican mitres ought spend some time cleaning up the REAL DAMAGE initiated by their OWN disasterous ministries at home--hate and fear mongering, thievery, lies and deceitful preaching are not, as they would have us to believe, instruments of healing!

Justice, truth, honesty and love are not available to self-righteous bigots, religious hypocrites and thieves until they do a little self-searching and admit the wrongs they have generated against fellow human beings.

My opinion only.