Nov 6, 2010

¨NOT ANONYMOUS ENOUGH¨ IN UGANDA: ¨If they don't know about me, they will not attack me. They will not out me, they will not call for my hanging...¨

If they don´t know about me, they won´t lynch me
¨Anonymity is my most consistent defence. If they don't know about me, they will not attack me. They will not out me, they will not call for my hanging. They will not lynch me. They will not know where to get me to persecute me for imaginary ills like 'recruiting their children'. They will not accuse me of things that cannot be done.

Because I am different from them.

Why do I risk prosecution, prison, even judicial death? Why do I so consistently risk overt persecution from them?

¨Who are they?¨
My neighbours. My country-mates. The people, the anonymous, common but unknown others who move on the streets of Kampala, of Uganda.

My people, my relatives.

¨I look like them¨
And, I have worked on perfecting that image. So, why have I risked outing myself?

¨Have my lover on the side¨
Why not burrow deeper, get married to a woman, have blessed children, continue having my lover on the side?

Why do I expose myself recklessly? Why don't I take the easier road? Why...

Sorry. The questions have been in my head.

¨lifting the veil of anonymity
Had to be, since I realised the risk that I ran, lifting the veil of my anonymity to that extent (CNN International filmed interview).

¨The promise was the veil would hold¨
No, Anengiyefa, ¨the interview wasn´t anonymous enough¨ HERE  (CNN International interview) I didn't know that it would have been like so. The promise was the veil would hold. And, I didn't hold the cameras. Truth be told, I don't know how that is done. The experts, they did. And, the promise was I wouldn't be recognised.

In any battle it´s hard to gauge the risks
 Of course, in any battle, hard to gauge the risks taken. Are they worth it? Only if, and when the battle is won. When the war is at an end.

The war is on going in Uganda
Hard to say, when the war is on going. And, in Uganda, it is ongoing. read it all, by anonymous ¨gug¨ at Gay Uganda  HERE

Anglican MP David Bahati, author of ¨Kill the Gays¨ Bill before the Parliament of Uganda

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