Nov 24, 2010

ALERT: Dr. Rowan Williams and The Church Of England Synod--Validate a shameful Anglican Covenant ¨cleansing¨ pogrom--sends it to the dioceses for review

A rotted-at-the-core campaign targeted against basic decency and all humanity has been endorsed by the Church of England Synod in the form of a punitive Anglican Communion Covenant that was passed today in London.  The ¨covenant¨ will now be sent to the Church of England dioceses for review and approval/not, and returned to the Synod for final acceptance/or not.

Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury has covertly steamrolled a no-debate vote for the exclusion of LGBTI people at all levels of Anglicanlife at the Synod.  Rowan Williams forced,  by threat and dishonorable pleading, the endorsement of a ¨covenant¨ that will most likely pertpetuate ignorance and will generate fear/hate and excluding at progressive as well as morally ¨challenged¨ provinces throughout the Anglican Communion.  Real Anglicans will suffer and even die because of the lack of moral and spiritual leadership and support at The Church of England Synod.  Many Anglicans worshipping in Global South Provinces of the Anglican Communion are in danger of being further demonized and abused thanks to the insistent demands of +Williams.

The Archbishop of Caturbury,  for some time, has ¨listened¨ carefully to those who demonize,  outcast, persecute and harm LGBTI Anglicans in Africa and beyond Africa as he ignores the bloody hate-crimes that are a result of irresponsible anti-LGBTI preaching at Church.   These are the facts for many of us:  Rowan Williams turned his head away from Hate Crimes in England, in Jamaica, in Africa and anywhere they occur-where innocent blood flows beacause of bigotry. Yesterday and today Rowan Williams looked away from universal suffering and abuse of LGBTI Anglicans in favor of promoting a deceitful and lofty plan of faux unity at The Anglican Communion. 

The harming of real LGBTI Anglicans worldwide by pandering for a dangerous covenant amongst puritans and self-righteous schemers/grandstanders and demeaners is spiritually damaged beliving.  Ignoring ¨the least amongst us¨ at The Body of Christ promotes and perpetuates emotionally twisted thinking at Church.

 Today Rowan Williams has become a bonafide dangerously irresponsible person and unfit spiritual leader.


Doorman-Priest said...

DR.ROWAN WILLIAMS: ¨...the worst archbishop of Canterbury in the history of the world.¨

And he speaks so highly of you!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

And he speaks so highly of you! DP

Well of course he would, what´s not to like? (well, maybe I am a tad bit resentful sometimes...but, alas, nobody seems to be able to turn of his ¨snide¨ switch either)!

Fred Schwartz said...


The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams will do anything in his power so that he does not have to preside over the devolution of the remnants of the British Empire. (I believe the queen would have him beheaded.)

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Dr Rowans ex Communion fell apart at Dromantine several years ago.

I think he is trying to buy time...

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

... with our blood.