Nov 16, 2010

PERPETRATING IGNORANCE IN UGANDA: Every day individuals are persecuted, vilified or violently assaulted, even killed, because of their sexual orientation and gender identity...stop it NOW!

Unwise Homophobic Words HERE : ANGLICAN President Yoweri Museveni of UGANDA and Member of Parliament/First Lady Janet Museveni regularly inforce popular prejudice against LGBTI citizens
¨...Homophobia, like racism and xenophobia, exists to varying degrees in all societies. Every day, in every country, individuals are persecuted, vilified or violently assaulted, even killed, because of their sexual orientation and gender identity. Covert or overt, homophobic violence causes enormous suffering that is often shrouded in silence and endured in isolation. It is time we all spoke up. While responsibility for hate crimes rests with the perpetrators, we all share a duty to counter intolerance and prejudice and demand that attackers be held to account.

The first priority is to press for decriminalization of homosexuality worldwide. In more than 70 countries, individuals still face criminal sanctions on the basis of their sexual orientation. Such laws expose those concerned to the constant risk of arrest, detention and, in some cases, torture or even execution. They also perpetuate stigma and contribute to a climate of intolerance and violence.

But as important as decriminalization is, it is only a first step. We know from experience in those countries that have removed criminal sanctions that greater concerted efforts are needed to counter discrimination and homophobia, including legislative and educational initiatives. Here again, we all have roles to play, particularly those in positions of authority and influence, such as politicians, community leaders, teachers and journalists.

Unwise/Untrue Homophobic Words HERE : ANGLICAN Archbishop Henry Orombi/Uganda perpetrates stigma/popular prejudice against LGBTI Anglicans/others 
Sadly, those who should be exercising restraint or using their influence to promote tolerance too often do just the opposite, reinforcing popular prejudice. HERE

Pictured/right box: Harassed Heterosexual ANGLICAN Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo, EXCOMMUNICATED by Bishop Orombi for ministering to desperate and suicidal LGBTI Ugandans
In Uganda, for example, where violence against people based on their sexual orientation is commonplace, and activists defending the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people face harassment and the threat of arrest, a newspaper published a front-page story on Oct. 2 "outing" 100 Ugandans it identified as gay or lesbian and printed their photographs alongside the headline "Hang Them."

¨We must recognize such "journalism" for what it is: incitement to hatred and violence.¨

Dangerous Homophobic Words HERE : Ugandan Member of Parliament,  ANGLICAN,  David ¨Kill all the Gays¨ Bahati, incites hatred and violence
Political leaders and those who aspire to public office have a particularly important duty to use their words wisely. The candidate for public office who, rather than appealing for tolerance, makes casual remarks denigrating people on the basis of their sexuality may do so in the belief that he or she is indulging in harmless populism -- but the effect is to legitimize homophobia...¨read it all by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights  HERE


Ugandan lawmaker defends Rolling Stone outing campaign, says his anti-LGBTI Parliament bill will be considered soon. HERE 


Uganda's Ministry of Health Restricts Access to Health Care for LGBTI Persons HERE

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