Nov 1, 2010

SANITY IS RESTORED TO WASHINGTON: A Quarter of a Million SANE PEOPLE (mostly) can´t be wrong!

Amongst those present were IT and her BP, beloved Lesbians
Estimado Amigos,

I am Leonardo Ricardo, United States of America citizen living in Latin America and I voted already from abroad.   It´s true, I´ve already cast my ballot for DEMOCRATS a few weeks ago!   It´s nothing new for me to vote ¨party¨ but this time, right now, it seemed critically important for me to do my part to help stop the insanity, the demonizing and the bitter tone of hatred and bigotry.  True there are insane, mean, greedy and abusive Americans who vote for both Red and Blue (a few Green voters too)...however, this year I couldn´t imagine not doing my duty and fulfilling my responsibility by attempting to stop the grasping greed, spewing arrogance, blatant selfishness and real sadness of giddy bigotry.

Please VOTE TOMORROW if you are registered and stateside and please remember that it´s about ALL of US and not just a self-proclaimed holy few...we/me are like you. A report from the Rally in Washington D.C. HERE

Abrazos from America Central

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Ciss B said...

I don't ever miss a chance to express myself through voting! In my opinion you can't complain unless you participate.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dear Ciss, thanks for encouraging the vote...I believe it´s especially this year to dig deep into the foundation of justice for all...all means all and no matter what ¨covering¨ issues are presented I hope ALL of us remember our brothers, sisters, neighbors, coworkers and extended family in terms of ¨justice for all¨

Lord hear my prayer