Nov 30, 2010

Will Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, accommodate Gafcon schismatics by agreeing to amend the Anglican Covenant final draft?

What will Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, do?
My own not so secret concern is that the full ¨Oxford Statement¨ which seemingly denies and rejects the ++Rowan Williams proposed/approved Anglican Covenant is actually just a ploy--a conjob--a threat and a new and deceitfilled exercise in further playing powergrab at The Anglican Communion.


Robert Duncan, the former/deposed TEC bishop of Pittsburgh recently had his ACNA ¨continuing church¨ group ¨endorse¨ the Anglican Covenant (although they have no standing at the Anglican Communion). Robert Duncans Gafcon associates amongst The Global South/Gafcon Primate crowd, of which he is in full communion and a full member, say they WILL NOT accept the very same Covenant, as written, nor attend the upcoming Primates Meeting in Ireland!

Who is ¨off message¨ or is this simply another well-choreographed Global South Anglican Communion house-cleaning and reconstruction plot caper?  

Will the Gafcon Primates compromise and attend the Primates Meeting if Rowan Williams plays along by ¨removing¨ some of the ¨instrument of Communion¨ members from the Primates Meeting room and by agreeing to further ¨amend¨ the Anglican Covenant during the upcoming meeting?

What kind of Gafcon threat is NOW being played out before our eyes with the not-so-innocent ¨Oxford Statement¨ ploy/Covenant rejection?

Will Dr. Williams work behind the scenes and make further agreements to accommodate a ¨rewrite¨ of the Anglican Covenant for Gafcon Primates who intend to exclude disliked ¨progressive¨ provinces at The Anglican Communion?

Global South Bishop Drexel Gomez, Covenant Design Group chairperson
Global South Bishop Drexel Gomez, chairperson of The Covenant Design Group, in his own words, said he ¨is available if needed¨  for further work on the the Covenant.  Most likely this was no casual comment as he earlier also gave a enthusiastic sermon of support at the consecration service of ¨irregular¨ North American bishops in Kenya.  Bishop Gomez did not think he ought recuse himself as he then returned to his not-so ¨unity seeking¨ work on the covenant.   +Rowan Williams ignored the ¨Anglican Communion¨ destructive Kenyan ¨American bishop making¨ activity as well as covenant design ¨chairperson¨ Gomez´s involvement/endorsement.

We will see just how far the disease of gambling with other peoples Anglican Communion lives and twisted/self-righteous religious codependency is invading and destroying trust, basic moral centeredness and ¨via media¨ wisdom at the Body of Christ.

More will be revealed (and it should be) in regard to The Covenant, Dr. Rowan Williams and his fear of ¨the decline of the Mother Church.¨   What will Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury,  fearfully suggest/do next in order to save The Anglican Communion?

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susan s. said...

That picture of Rowan reminds me of illustrations of "The Wizard of Oz," and the movie from my childhood. The face of the Wizard was meant to strike fear in the hearts of all who beheld him. Who is the man behind the curtain in this instance?
I remember being more afraid of the flying monkeys who were servants of the Wicked Witch.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Ah for the olden days/daze of playing innocent pretend...Question ¨who is the fairest of them all?¨ Answer ¨Desmond Tutu¨

Lionel Deimel said...

If the “final text” is changed, will Mexico have to re-accept the Covenant?

Leonardo Ricardo said...

I also wondered: If the ¨final text¨ is changed could the various dioceses of the Church of England accept the amended version (as they are reviewing/approving it) and THEN pass it back to the Synod for final approval (with uniform changes in all dioceses).

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Mexico is extremely Paternalistic...I have heard there was a lack of clarity with the covenant ¨translation¨ and they passed it easily because it appeared different/less punitive than it really is.

Mexico has legal same-sex marriage available in Mexico (Federal District) and Monterey State--the Anglican Mexican Church is very active in Mexico (Federal District) and Monterey State.

I would guess, only a guess that Mexico would be glad for further review of the covenant--major change would need review to be amended/approved anywhere it seems to me.