May 13, 2011

GENDER BASED VIOLENCE DEMONSTRATES A DEEP LEVEL OF SICKNESS: ¨Homophobe perpetrators of murder need help...¨

Free Genderremembering our sisters who died because they dared to be free
Kwa-Thema Praying for homophobic victims.

¨...Noxolo Nogwaza, Nokuthula Radebe, Xolani, Gairly Nkosi, and Eudy Simelane all died by the hands of homophobes around Ekurhuleni. A prayer was held on Wednesday 11 May at the spot were 24 year old Nogwaza was killed two weeks ago in a horrific manner. In tears, Noxolo’s Aunt Nomalwe Dlomo thanked people for their support, she also asked Noxolo’s blood to “speak and reveal her killers”.

Relatives of the five victims of Gender Based Violence lit candles to honour their lives. The LGBTI community, various ANC members, human rights organisations, Pastors, Kwa-Thema residents and Executive Mayor Clr Mondli Gungubele attended the event to show solidarity in the fight against hate crime. Traditional incense was burned by traditional healers who appealed to those who’ve been killed to speak for themselves. Speaking to the media, Clr Gungubele said our constitution promotes tolerance and people have a right to be whoever they wish as enshrined in our constitution. “Noxolo’s murder is a demonstration of deepest level of sickness. Perpetrators need help but must face the might of the law. Unless society comes together and condemns this act, they risk being misunderstood as accepting” concluded Gungubele...¨

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