Jul 22, 2012

ON THE ROAD; "In the light of truth and in the warmth of love, we gather to seek, to sustain, and to share"


This morning I attended my first  church service at a Unitarian Universalist Congregation.  The people there were warm, welcoming and a pleasure to be with.  I especially like this quote by Albert Einstein that was featured at the top of the worship program of order:

"If people are good only beccause they fear punishment, and a hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed."

Can I hear a Amen?

Jul 16, 2012

MOVING DOWN THE ROAD: My journey continues

Reality just takes some getting used to...

I've been visiting Texas for several weeks.  I came here first to work and then later to visit a good friend.  I've not visited Texas in over a decade (other than quick transfer stops at their various airports).  Something that impacts me strongly is a reaction to "things are changing"...here, and I suspect in other parts of the U.S.A., there seems to be a strong sense of National Pride based on a all new standard of a more inclusive society...there appears to be much more racial intermingling and for that I am happy and pleased...there is hope as I see it that soon there really may be equality and justice for all...all may soon mean all.  I don't think everyone is happy about this...but, I am.  Onward down the path I go.  Leonardo Ricardo in Texas

Jul 14, 2012

PLAYING NICE (and other costly antics and adventures in Anglican Global South/Gafcon-ACNA self-deceiving

(Jesus also doesn't demean the marginalized, torment the suffering, badger the despised or initiate outcasting and murder against LGBT Christians/others)

Jul 11, 2012

SIDEWINDING SPEWERS OF DEATH: Bishops and anti-LGBT "inclusive" Clergy and Laity at the Anglican Communion

Spellbinding but deadly

I'm visiting Texas.  Lots of wonderful, colorful and seemingly "normal" people here.   I see them and meet them as quite a friendly and joyous lot and for that I am thankful to be glad about my visit.  Here in the depth of "southern" hospitality and eyeball to eyeball "sincerity"  I feel accepted.  That is, I do feel "accepted"  as long as I conform to the mostly-non-allowable rule that I not rock any boats by being the authentic version of me.

I'm reminded of the recent " statement"  from the Bishop and Diocese of South Carolina at TEC General Covention about how "pained" he-they ARE, please know it and know it well, as if they hadn't spouted off for decades by pontificating about how Holy they believe themselves to be, before.  These poisoness, to fellow human beings, Christians are far less spiritually "sin soiled"  than you and me as they strive for Anglican purity...bless them and thar little hard hearts when they try to avoid mix'n it up culturally with the likes of me.  No doubt in a lifetime or two they will be forced to face Gods reality:  Their brothers, sisters, coworkers and best friends have been sitting and waiting for them all along.  Some of us are sicker than others and that is plain old fact.  May their fear and hate fade away.  Lord have mercy (it's raining in Texas, perhaps the draught is coming to the end).

Jul 8, 2012

HOLY VACA! Lord Have Mercy

I'm in Texas.
I just returned from a very passionate preach'n and beseach'n church service down the road.  My friend Lisa wanted me to go with her.  I did.  I won't be doing that again without being fully clothed in protective gear...not kidding, I felt contaminated after around 70 minutes into it.  I think the place spiritually dangerous...knowing St Davids Episcopal is downtown made me feel better.

Jul 5, 2012


dear friends,

i'm in texas...it's hot
i send you my best (which, oddly, seems to be drying up)
rain is promised
more later,
love, leonardo amongst the pecan pies (there are happy momentos shared with good friends here)