Apr 25, 2022


His Royal 18 inch HIGHNESS,  Prince Gonzalo the Gallo

I was thinking of you.  I thought it was way too long since we met up here and shared a few minutes together....sharing a few of my random thoughts that keep me interested in my random real-life plots.

LIFE AROUND ME still astounds me.  There is magic in the volcanos surrounding me.  It's true, I feel it all the time and that is an amazing bonus for a single old Americano fellow who grew up among vibes of beaches and Palm Trees.  I feel the love, I feel the energy, the non-stopped-ness of basic living is front and forward for all to see.  I think it must be eruption-passion inspired and so many people on the Calle Real are related by family.  They are friendly  polite and industrious...a happy family with dozens of primos, primas and sobrino/as.  A whole village of smiling faces that smile on sturdy human beings who work hard, care for others and take care of elders and their children with pride and poise .... lots of beautiful children that the decendents of Maya and Spanish background and raised with glee.  You'd love them. keep in mind everyones kindness to me,the extranajero in Guatemala when you meet Guatemaltecos on the street where you live! 

The rainy season is coming.  I love the rain and the emerald green hills and valleys around me, Department de Sacatepequez.  The Land of the Eternal Spring...it Sprung forth already/already.

Leonardo Ricardo

to be continued