Apr 29, 2009

¨They make me feel filthy--anti gay people¨...a on-the-ground report: Direct from the current witch hunt in Uganda!

By Gay Uganda

¨They make me feel

filthy- anti gay people.

I love-

I know I love;

and my love they

malign and corrupt

despise and shame-

just because I love.

They make me feel


and I have to

reach deep to my

depths to cling

to sanity

midst the gale

their hate.¨

©GayUganda, ¨Anti-Gay¨

A direct report from the anti-lgbt ¨pogrom¨ in Uganda, read it all, click HERE


Anti-LGBT Ugandan Hyenas, corrupt politicians and fundamentalist Christian extremists including Anglican/Gafcon Archbishop Orombi are on the prowl looking for fresh LGBT meat to rip apart and devour!


MP to introduce bill against homosexuality, read it all, click HERE


¨I am just thinking of Stephen Langa, that nice Christian man, doing his round on the fm stations, complaining that homosexuals were not being arrested. Well, we are being arrested. And sentenced, to life in prison.¨ Blackmail, slander, prison and suicides in Uganda for LGBT citizens, read it all, click HERE

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Apr 24, 2009

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: ¨Diary of a Gay Kenyan¨ author awards Leonardo Ricardo with the world famous ¨Honest Scrap¨ tribute!


My mucho admired Gay friend, ¨Top Secret¨ (named so for reasons of life vs. death and general happiness, peace of mind and survival) in Nairobi, Kenya has awarded me the HONEST SCRAP AWARD! read it all, click HERE


I´m thrilled!

The Honest Scrap award is “bestowed upon a fellow blogger whose blog’s content or design is, in the giver’s opinion, brilliant.”

I graciously accept and thank you ¨Top¨ (as we call him in the New World) and all of my other new and ¨brilliant¨ friends in Mother Africa!

As a recipient of the ¨Honest Scrap¨ award, I have been called upon, read required, to post 10 TRUE things about myself (I´ll try and list some less flattering aspects of my personality as you all are being exposed to some of my online dramadriven charms daily).

I stole a small fold-out paper pumpkin at Woolworths when I was a child (I gave it back to them after I got busted on the scene, the police, nor my parents, were not called in, there had been no previous record or personal understanding of my thieving).

Since retirement, three years ago, I don´t feel like going to the gym everyday and I started eating bread (hence I´ve gained weight, I was never fat before so I guess I have to go back to the gym everyday and give up the bread, corn tortillas and the pasta and the rice)...I got tired of trying so hard to look good (the beauty contest is over but the facials and massages remain the same).

I love See´s Candy (from California) and could probably eat a whole l pound box (milk chocolate por favor) at one sitting. I´ve not tried, I show restraint. I´m a recovering alcoholic who has been on the mend for 30+ years with no drinkies (I was previously unaware I was miswired but a sugar rush feels so good).

Green, all shades, is my favorite color (and I especially like Green when used to color U.S. $$$ Dollars and also when more abundantly available in Nature).

I love Dogs (especially Dulce Serena Gonzalez my Cocker Spaniel and Fido the Old English Sheep Dog), Tropical Birds (Valentina and Valentino), Rabbits (Manchito y Pinta), Turtles and various human beings of assorted descriptions.

Rarely am I afraid (but I try not to be reckless and stupid either) but I don´t like rats (human or other), snakes (human or other) or poisoness spiders (human or other).

I HATE injustice. I LOVE JUSTICE and have been known to ¨stick my nose in where it doesn´t belong¨ to promote *it*, demand *it*, be denied *it* and/or fight for *it* (anyway I can)

I´m attracted to Men my same age (until I got old)

I love to cook (all kinds of food but I don´t know anything about African cuisine except what I´m reading at Gay Kenyans blog).

I´m Episcopalian/Anglican and Archbishop Desmond Tutu is my favorite Bishop and cool religious person in the WHOLE WIDE World (well, Padre Mickey and Fr. Jake are right up there too along with Dr. Christian Troll, Bishop Jon Bruno/Los Angeles and Chane/Washington).

So now that you have seen the true measure of my innermost/innocent character *issues* I will follow the tradition and bestow this award to:

Fr. Christian Troll, GAFCON

Padre Mickey´s Dance Party

Cany, ¨Black Sheep¨

Josh,¨Gay Spirit Diary¨

Brian, ¨Noble Wolf¨

Anglican Priest, Father David Heron

Mike in Texas, ¨Lavender Wolves¨

(upon accepting this award ALL WINNERS should also list 10 honest things about themselves and then pass it on to seven others)

Winners ALL!

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Apr 21, 2009

BISHOP OROMBI/UGANDA: Were you there when they DEMORALIZED young Jaheem Herrera in Georgia and he suicided?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

¨Jaheem was bullied relentlessly, his family said. Keene said the family knew the boy was a target, but until his death they didn’t understand the scope.

“We’d ask him, ‘Jaheem, what’s wrong with you?’” Keene recalled. “He’d never tell us.”

He didn’t want his sister to tell, either. She witnessed much of the bullying, and many times rose to her brother’s defense, Keene said.

“They called him gay and a snitch,” his stepfather said. “All the time they’d call him this.”

The 11-year-old enjoyed dancing and drawing, and the easy smile he flashed for the photographers was genuine, his stepfather said Monday night.

According to DeKalb County news On Thursday afternoon, after returning home from Dunaire Elementary School, Jaheem quietly went into his room and hanged himself. His 10-year-old sister, Yerralis, also a fifth-grader, discovered Jaheem’s dead body.¨ read it all, click HERE

How rampant is bullying? What can the schools do to stop it? How can you know as a parent when it’s happening? How can you judge how severe it is? What can we say to siblings who might be able to share what is going on even when the child will not? Are the schools liable in this type of case? read it all, click HERE

HOW TO STOP THE BULLYING? Stop the instigating of difference, exclusion and abominating at Church and beyond by religious fundamentalists of all stripes who demean fellow Christians and others!

Bishops Akinola/Nigeria and Orombi/Uganda initiate anti-LGBT ¨witch hunts¨ at home and abroad.

Anglican Archbishop Orombi of Uganda and Archbishop Akinola of Nigeria, author of ¨The Hooligan Children of Gay People¨click HERE. YOU are amongst religious extremist FUNDAMENTALISTS who initiate fear and hate against LGBT Americans and others. YOU, Bishop Henri Orombi of Uganda and Peter Akinola of Nigeria are dangerous to OUR FAMILIES and OUR physical, emotional and SPIRITUAL HEALTH and overall well-being when you come to the United States and preach words of EXCLUSION of LGBT Christians and others at ALL levels of Churchlife! The California Supreme Court has ordered Orombi and Akinola and anti-lgbt ¨poaching¨ accomplices off TEC properties in California. So has New York, Missouri and Colorado. Virginia and Georgia will soon follow.

Presiding Bishop, Katharine Jefferts Schori, Primate, The Episcopal Church/Anglican Communion.

The Most Revd Henry Luke Orombi Archbishop of Uganda and Bishop of Kampala PO Box 14123 Kampala UGANDA EAST AFRICA ¨My dear brother,

I understand from advertising here that you plan to visit a congregation in the Diocese of Georgia on 14 May of this year. The diocesan, Bishop Henry Louttit, has not given any invitation for you to do so, nor received any information from you about your planned visit. I must protest this unwarranted incursion into The Episcopal Church. I am concerned that you seem to feel it appropriate to visit, preach, and exercise episcopal ministry within the territory of this Church, and I wonder how you would receive similar behavior in Uganda. These actions violate the spirit and letter of the work of the Windsor Report, and only lead to heightened tensions. We are more than willing to receive you for conversation, dialogue, and reconciliation, yet you continue to act without speaking with us. I hope and pray that you might respond to our invitation and meet with representatives of this Church.
I remain

Your servant in Christ,

Katharine Jefferts Schori¨

(read the arrogant reply from Bishop Orombi regarding his ¨pastoral visit¨ last May to The Episcopal Church diocese of Georgia where he continues to ¨poach¨ on Parish property owned by TEC and where he applauds the exclusion of LGBT Episcopalians at all levels of Churchlife...read it all, click HERE)

PLEASE don´t love us LGBT ¨sinners¨ Bishop Orombi of Uganda.¨ read how much Bishop Orombi ¨loves¨ LGBT ¨sinners¨, click HERE

The iniciating of a anti-LGBT fear and hate campaign is currently underway in Uganda at all levels of society. It was initiated by Orombi, Ssempa, Buturo, Langa and their other ¨pogrom¨ allies...STOP soliciting American ¨religious partners¨ for the exclusion and initiating of hate/exclusion in The United States too:


¨The Rev. Erich Kasirye/Uganda has moved up to bigger and
better ministry "opportunities" and is offering
´ecclesiastical protection´ to U.S. Parishes by way of the
Diocese of Namirembe, Uganda and Bishop Samuel
Ssekkadde...meanwhile, the ever-pious,
sometimes-present and always unpleasant Archbishop
Orombi is sturring up some potential new ¨holy business¨ by
suggesting to Episcopalians and other people that the ´poisonous efforts
of the revisionist forces´ at The Episcopal Church are harmful to Souls.

Bishop Orombi and Bishop Akinola your U.S. Visas ought be cancelled by OUR Department of State! As far as I´m concerned you are persona non grata and dangerous trouble makers and are fear and hate-mongering grandstanders whose ignorant pontificating I believe is lethal to the health and spiritual well-being of LGBT children and adults everywhere.

Read about the extensive network of notoriously ill-informed, yet deadly, anti-LGBT religious ¨witch hunters¨ and their ¨love the sinner¨HATE AGENDA aimed at all levels of society...click HERE


STOP instigating lies, FEAR AND HATE at The Anglican Communion and beyond and calling it ¨orthodox¨ Christian beliving! You demean Christianity with your vileness directed against fellow human beings.


STOP ignoring crimes of hate in murder rampant Jamaica. STOP initiating ¨witch hunts¨ in Uganda. STOP persecuting our families in Nigeria. STOP hanging LGBT citizens in Iran. STOP shooting LGBT citizen in Iraq! STOP driving our children to SUICIDE with your anti-LGBT slander preached/mouthed-off and mongered to children and adults in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

¨This is the kind of love that this sinner would rather do without. The love of Ssempa, Buturo, Langa, Orombi, and various others. Christians, who hate the sin of homosexuality, but love us homosexuals.¨ read it all, click HERE

SPECIAL NOTE: New Words from Judy Shepard on Hate Crimes Legislation, read it all, click HERE
Matthew Shepard, Murdered Episcopalian and Gay Hate Crime Victim

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Apr 19, 2009

STORM ALERT: Bishops Akinola, Orombi, Jensen & Gafcon ¨Only those who have spread the poisons of bigotry and fear have any reason to be afraid...¨

The Bigots´ Last Hurrah

Frank Rich, The New York Times

¨As marital equality haltingly but inexorably spreads state by state for gay Americans in the years to come, Utah will hardly be in the lead to follow Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa and Vermont. But the fact that it too is taking its first steps down that road is extraordinary. It is justice, not a storm, that is gathering. Only those who have spread the poisons of bigotry and fear have any reason to be afraid...¨there is much more, read it all The Bigots’ Last Hurrah, New York Times, By FRANK RICH, click HERE

¨GAFCON thunders. The media yawn¨

¨Paul Handley of the Church Times writes about being the only journalist at the news conference held last week by the GAFCON primates to announce the foregone conclusion that they were going to recognize the churches of the conservative Americans who pay their bills...¨ read it all, click HERE

¨Oh, we shall come through¨

¨...And, for our enemies. Just remember that the fires which you are lighting to burn us will temper us. We shall come through it, face the demons that we fear, and still be what we are. Stronger. Funny that because we are backed into a corner, we are made more capable just because our avowed enemies are so ignorant and illogical in their uptake of what life is!

To all those who were exposed, more power to you...¨ read it all, direct from on-the-ground GAY POGROM in Uganda, click here:

¨Loving the Sinner¨

¨This is the kind of love that this sinner would rather do without. The love of Ssempa, Buturo, Langa, Orombi, and various others. Christians, who hate the sin of homosexuality, but love us homosexuals...read it all, by Gay Uganda, click HERE


¨Top Homos In Uganda Named¨

¨Hopefully, it is short term pain. But it is real pain...¨ read more about the Church and State LGBT POGROM in Uganda, click HERE

PLEASE don´t love us LGBT ¨sinners¨ Bishop Orombi of Uganda.

Anglican Archbishop Orombi of Uganda YOU initiate fear and hate against us...YOU, Bishop Henri Orombi, are dangerous to OUR physical, emotional and SPIRITUAL HEALTH!

Bishop Henri Orombi of Uganda. Gafcon, certified abuser of LGBT Christians/others.

PLEASE don´t love Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender ¨sinners¨ in Nigeria. (either)

Bishops Akinola and Minns of The Nigerian House of Bishops are DEMONIZERS of LGBT Anglicans and others and are supporting NEW anti-LGBT LAWS that persecute us and our families and even our friends for simply ¨being¨. Thanks, but no thanks, we´ll struggle on, alive, without your self-imagined ¨love¨ and unspiritualike degradation!

Anti-Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Bishop fear and hate-mongering ¨pontificators¨ Akinola and Minns of The Nigerian House of Bishops. Gafcon, certified abusers of LGBT Christians/others.

PLEASE don´t love LGBT ¨sinners¨ in Kenya! Bishop Nzimbi, YOUR ¨love¨ marginalizes, outcasts and KILLS US!

Anglican Archibishop Benjamin Nzimbi, Kenya. Gafcon, certified abuser of LGBT Christians and others.

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Apr 16, 2009

ATTENTION Bishop Peter Akinola/Nigeria, Henri Orombi/Uganda and other instigators of HATE: Were you there when they crucified Carl Walker-Hoover?


¨All Carl Walker-Hoover wanted to do was be a kid, a kid who loved to play kid games, who strangely enough loved doing his homework, helping the needy, and helping out at church his mother said. Carl Walker-Hoover, described as both reliable and generous, didn't deserve to be taunted repeatedly by other kids at school calling him "gay and "fag." Such hatred is hard for a 11 year old to understand when all you have done is be yourself, how can people just hate someone for being themselves? Carl could no longer deal with it and took an extension cord and hung himself...¨read it all, click HERE

ATTN: Anglican GAFCON Participants and other Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender demonizers, bullies and abusive religious zealots.

WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO STOP THE DEMEANING and BULLYING of LGBT CHRISTIANS and other religious people? Are you responsible for the harm you cause/preach? Mr. BOB DUNCAN, JACK IKER, JOHN SCHOFIELD, GREG VENABLES and PSYUDO-RELIGIOUS RIGHTEOUS ACCOMPLICES why do you FEAR and HATE LGBT children and LGBT adults, our families, our loved ones and our friends? What are your intentions for correcting the abuse that you have initiated against LGBT Christians and others everywhere? You have instigated much harm against YOUR fellow human beings as you preach your selfproclaimed purity codes...it is YOU that defile nature and torment other human beings in the name of a God who doesn´t need your defense--God requests that YOU obey Gods Commandments!

¨Merciless Anti-Gay Bullying Leads To Child's Suicide
With the vicious, relentless, unchallenged, anti-GLBT rhetoric of Venango County-based groups such as the American Family Association of Pennsylvania and Christian Radio Station WAWN, will such a tragedy happen here? We hope and pray not!¨ read it all, click HERE

A suggestion:

STOP INSTIGATING LIES, FEAR AND HATE AT THE ANGLICAN COMMUNION and calling it ¨orthodox¨ beliving! Face your own character defects/sin! You demean Christianity with your vileness directed against fellow human beings. STOP IT NOW! STOP IGNORING HATE CRIMES in MURDEROUS JAMAICA, STOP initiating ¨witch hunts¨ IN UGANDA, STOP persecuting our families IN NIGERIA, STOP hanging LGBT citizens IN IRAN, STOP shooting LGBT citizen IN IRAQ!

Are YOU accountable for YOUR actions and ignorant words when slandering or acting-out against LGBT Christian and others? Are you accountable for the lies you spread against OUR LGBT brothers, sisters, children, extended family members, friends and coworkers?

¨Carl Walker-Hoover, an 11-year old charter school student from Massachusetts, took his own life last week after incessant taunting by fellow students. His story served as an example of the eminent danger some students face as the Minnesota Senate debated — and passed on Thursday — a measure to guide school districts in addressing bullying. It’s a measure that Senate Republicans vociferously opposed.¨ read it all, click HERE

Are you an accessory to CRIMES OF HATE or SUICIDE? Are you a vociferous ¨Senate Republican¨ in Minnesota? Are you secret serial killer-at-large with a serpents tongue spewing GAYHATE? Do you justify your fear and hatemongering, demonizing of Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender people with selective Scriptural excuses
or simply for grovelling/pandering wrongminded political reasons?


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Apr 11, 2009

¨According to the New Testament, Jesus was crucified, died, buried in a tomb and resurrected on the third day...¨

¨The light is on and the door is open¨ Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, Primate, The Episcopal Church

·The Episcopal Church Welcomes Everyone·

¨Dear Lord we ask you to cover us with Your protection against all harm and evil and to bind every spirit that may come against us. Into Your hands Dear Lord I commend my body, mind, soul and spirit.¨ Amen

Easter ¨commemoration¨ in my garden, Central America, 2009, at the pueblo of San Miguel the Archangel, Christ is risen, the Lord is risen...Alleluia!

¨Within the body of Christian beliefs, the resurrection of Jesus is a core biblical story on which much of Christian doctrine, ritual and theology depend. According to the New Testament, Jesus was crucified, died, buried in a tomb and resurrected on the third day. This event is commemorated annually by Christians during Easter.read more, click HERE

St Michael the Archangel pray for persecuted and demoralized Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Anglicans/Christians/others and abused heterosexual women of all Faith in Nigeria, Uganda, Sudan, Iran, Iraq and beyond Amen

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Apr 8, 2009

Lying & Fearmongering at Holy Week: Is Obama attempting to confiscate guns, invoke Sharia law? Are AFRICANS converted into Homosexuality? UPDATED

Persecuted, convicted and murdered by fearmongers and liars...all forgiven, because ¨they know not what they do.¨


¨Media influence on individual actions has been a talking point for twenty some odd years. Conservatives believe Spongebob Squarepants, the PBS show 'Arthur' and one of Teletubbies -- you know, the gay pride one -- can turn kids homosexual, and they so believed that Murphy Brown encouraged single motherhood that a American vice president condemned the fictional character by name. According to conservatives, everything on TV influences behavior, whether it's promiscuity, violence, or thinking that an asexual cartoon sea creature is coming on to you. They think rap music causes violence, video games promote violence, and that Rachel Ray wearing a checkered scarf is a coded signal of terrorism's insidious grip on the Food Network.

...But they don't believe that "news reporters" constantly questioning whether the president is really loyal or not to this country might cause some people to take violent action against that president?...read it all, click HERE

...Or that constant talk of the imminent overrun of America by "one worlders", or government officials attempting to invoke sharia law, while supposing a simultaneous effort to confiscate guns might perhaps influence people to stockpile more guns and anticipate an imminent need to use them?


No, they're not that stupid. They just pretend to be so that they don't get called out on it irresponsible, conspiracy-theory-based fearmongering every damn second of the day, on every conceivable issue. Fox treats both news and government as if it's one of those daytime talk shows where the only goal is to get a bunch of no-good, paranoid morons together and then piss them all off until someone throws a chair. That is why O'Reilly is a star: that's why the Glenn Beck show exists. On the internet, rightwing bloggers both large and small expand upon the themes daily...¨read it all, click HERE

¨Fox treats both news and government as if it's one of those daytime talk shows where the only goal is to get a bunch of no-good, paranoid morons together and then piss them all off until someone throws a chair.¨

¨If you’re wondering “Does Hell await me?” all you need to do is look at this mans list. I must admit according to this information I am destine for the everlasting “Lake O’ Fire”. Masturbation and I go way back and I don’t see that friendship coming to an end anytime soon. I may in fact be “Sexually Immoral” as well. I have no idea really since morality is relative, but I’m guessing their opinion in that matter would be immorality. I like how Pagans are on the list of those that will be cast into hell. It is my opinion that if the Pagan religion were the more successful of the modern religions, the world would be a much better place. I guess violence prevails as the most violent religions seem to be the most successful in sticking around.¨ click HERE

Nsaba-Buturo, Minister of Public ¨Ethics and Morals?¨ Uganda

Kampala Update: ¨Seems like a dream. Nobody outed over the weekend. Seems as if the press is moving on. It was yesterdays news? The outings. The accusals of ‘recruitment’, the speculations on who is and who is not a homosexual.

By the way, the Observer had a very interesting article. In this day and time of Gay Witch hunts, how to recognize a gay or lesbian Ugandan. It was in the public interest. It is very important that you recognize those who are gay and lesbians. Don’t let them near your children. Chase them from jobs, etc, etc. It is here.¨ read it all click HERE


¨Cheating¨is a larger problem in Uganda for Public Morality and Ethics Minister Mr. Nsaba-Buturo than waging HIS costly anti-LGBT Conference and organizing a ongoing hatecampaign. Nsaba-Buturo has initiated a ¨Witch Hunt¨ seeking out everyday LGBT innocent citizens at all levels of Ugandan life. However, working toward putting a STOP to Human Sacrafices, Rampant Corruption at Public Institutuions, Prostitution and Domestic Violence, doesn´t seem to be a priority. Secretary Buturo apparently doesn´t know the difference between ´morals, ethics´ and ´human rights´.

Monitor Online, Kampala
By John Tugume, Tabu Butagira & Patricia Walaga

¨The religious leaders, airing their views under the Uganda Joint Christian Council (UJCC) banner, condemned worsening acts of marital unfaithfulness and domestic violence. They urged adults to repent and take the path of honesty and salvation¨

“The cases in mind among the many include; human sacrifice, child abuse, loss of professional ethics, unfaithfulness among couples, rampant corruption in public institutions, homosexuality, domestic violence and prostitution, which result in rampant abortions and child neglect,” read it all, direct from Uganda, click here:

A Purpose Driven Genocide: Rick Warren and Gays in Africa

Pastor Rick Warren

by Daniel Vojir

Larry King's Show Was Unexpectedly Blanketed With a Heavy Layer of Rick Warren Snow Job!

Last night, when Larry King hosted Rick Warren, I couldn't believe I heard Warren go on and on about his not being anti-gay, having "gay friends", about never overtly supporting Prop 8 (!?!) and how he knew "gay leaders" who know the real Rick Warren.

In my article of 3/29 titled I Hope Rick Warren Fails, I voiced my fear of the man.

Today, I am declaring myself to be an official enemy of Rick Warren. And not because of the Larry King appearance. Unless someone can produce evidence to the contrary, I believe Rick Warren to be a key leader of Christofascism who wishes the total annihilation of homosexuals worldwide.¨ read it all, click HERE

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