Apr 16, 2009

ATTENTION Bishop Peter Akinola/Nigeria, Henri Orombi/Uganda and other instigators of HATE: Were you there when they crucified Carl Walker-Hoover?


¨All Carl Walker-Hoover wanted to do was be a kid, a kid who loved to play kid games, who strangely enough loved doing his homework, helping the needy, and helping out at church his mother said. Carl Walker-Hoover, described as both reliable and generous, didn't deserve to be taunted repeatedly by other kids at school calling him "gay and "fag." Such hatred is hard for a 11 year old to understand when all you have done is be yourself, how can people just hate someone for being themselves? Carl could no longer deal with it and took an extension cord and hung himself...¨read it all, click HERE

ATTN: Anglican GAFCON Participants and other Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender demonizers, bullies and abusive religious zealots.

WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO STOP THE DEMEANING and BULLYING of LGBT CHRISTIANS and other religious people? Are you responsible for the harm you cause/preach? Mr. BOB DUNCAN, JACK IKER, JOHN SCHOFIELD, GREG VENABLES and PSYUDO-RELIGIOUS RIGHTEOUS ACCOMPLICES why do you FEAR and HATE LGBT children and LGBT adults, our families, our loved ones and our friends? What are your intentions for correcting the abuse that you have initiated against LGBT Christians and others everywhere? You have instigated much harm against YOUR fellow human beings as you preach your selfproclaimed purity codes...it is YOU that defile nature and torment other human beings in the name of a God who doesn´t need your defense--God requests that YOU obey Gods Commandments!

¨Merciless Anti-Gay Bullying Leads To Child's Suicide
With the vicious, relentless, unchallenged, anti-GLBT rhetoric of Venango County-based groups such as the American Family Association of Pennsylvania and Christian Radio Station WAWN, will such a tragedy happen here? We hope and pray not!¨ read it all, click HERE

A suggestion:

STOP INSTIGATING LIES, FEAR AND HATE AT THE ANGLICAN COMMUNION and calling it ¨orthodox¨ beliving! Face your own character defects/sin! You demean Christianity with your vileness directed against fellow human beings. STOP IT NOW! STOP IGNORING HATE CRIMES in MURDEROUS JAMAICA, STOP initiating ¨witch hunts¨ IN UGANDA, STOP persecuting our families IN NIGERIA, STOP hanging LGBT citizens IN IRAN, STOP shooting LGBT citizen IN IRAQ!

Are YOU accountable for YOUR actions and ignorant words when slandering or acting-out against LGBT Christian and others? Are you accountable for the lies you spread against OUR LGBT brothers, sisters, children, extended family members, friends and coworkers?

¨Carl Walker-Hoover, an 11-year old charter school student from Massachusetts, took his own life last week after incessant taunting by fellow students. His story served as an example of the eminent danger some students face as the Minnesota Senate debated — and passed on Thursday — a measure to guide school districts in addressing bullying. It’s a measure that Senate Republicans vociferously opposed.¨ read it all, click HERE

Are you an accessory to CRIMES OF HATE or SUICIDE? Are you a vociferous ¨Senate Republican¨ in Minnesota? Are you secret serial killer-at-large with a serpents tongue spewing GAYHATE? Do you justify your fear and hatemongering, demonizing of Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender people with selective Scriptural excuses
or simply for grovelling/pandering wrongminded political reasons?


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WhozHe said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

David G. said...

I was repeatedly bullied as a kid in Elementary and Junior High,(in the city) ..High school not so much...because the school was rural I suppose.

Fortunately or maybe unfortunately I was able to escape into my own world, ..ignoring everything, (which I still do)..to a fault.

But I haven't recovered from that,...Obviously, because I have LOW self esteem, and few friends (because I'm not worth knowing).

And will forever be single.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dearest David, What has single got to do with it? One never knows when you might meet someone that you want to ¨date¨...all sorts of interesting things can happen when YOU start paying attention to the audience (and less to your lonely feelings).

You made me remember something:

When I was having a physical for the track team, as a teenie bopper, in Los Angeles School District (they send doctors to check us out) a extremely handsome young Doctor, thought something was wrong with me...he pressed on, wanting to know why I was ¨effeminate¨, asked me, I blubbered out something, he wanted to know also if I had drama classes, (I said yes, even though I hadn´t) and he wanted to know why did I speak so clearly (I had a speech problem in Kindergarten and had speech therapy for it but I had forgotten and didn´t tell him I LEARNED how to annuciate words earlyon)...on and on it went and he asked very personal questions (which I knew the real answers to, but lied to him) and actually discussed having a ¨talk¨ with my parents ¨but, it probably wouldn´t do any good.¨ YIKES, I was a wreck and wanted to kill myself (except it occured to me that I would be dead and he wouldn´t give a damn anyway)...a couple of years later I was Student Director of Athletics and he was doing his sports check again (I swear my hands started sweating when I saw him in the glass cubicle)...anyway, when he got to me, he read my file, he didn´t seem to recognize me, kept doing doubletakes, I spread my legs, talked deep jock talk, and he pronounced to me, and wrote in my file foulder, that I was CURED of sissiness and had previously, and obviously, been going through a growth ¨stage¨...fu*k you as* hole (I thought) as I listened to this idiot tell me how nicely I had matured and fully approaching manhood...if it happened today I could sue the basta*d! No wonder he worked for the school district, he couldn´t make it in a real practice apparently...what a sharpie...he probably attended St. James in Newport Beach...creep.

David G. said...

He probably molested a few ~~~ A lot of boys in-between his examinations,... (not going there).

The Rev. Dr. Christian Troll said...

David G: You - just our like our host Leonardo Ricardo - most definitely areworth knowing, and not just because I consider you so, but also because you're vastly more intelligent, creative, and imaginative than (at least) a significant proportion of the global Anglican leadership.

As for that "doctor" Leonardo, years of experience with such types leads me to suspect he worked for the school district because of a deep seated, nagging interest in young boys that the old perv couldn't possibly have admitted to himself, and then sought more appropriate ways to own, enjoy, and express his sexuality.

David G. said...

Thank You, Father Christian ...you have made my month!!

Most say day,...but with Christ it's extended,..perhaps forever!!

David G. said...

Laughing My Gay Ass Off ! ! ! !

David G. said...

takes a toke!!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

David and Dr. Christian,

You know, I never thought about him being the ¨perv¨ that he probably was...after reading the above this morning I reflected deeper on his ¨very personal¨ questioning (both times). The man was overly interested in my sex life (I converted genders for him when answers his questions the second time and said nothing at all about my sexual inclinations the first time, I lied)...why was this man, a doctor hired to give physical exams for young guys involved in athletics? Asking such PERSONAL STUFF? What jollies was he getting out of probing into the sex lives of teenage boys and blatantly suggesting that I was ¨queer¨ because I had manners and spoke unaccented English?

My heart went out to when I read about the suicide of CARL WALKER-HOOVER...I know it impacted many people. Last night on Anderson Cooper I noticed his Mother was quick to say ¨Carl¨ wasn´t Gay...he was only ¨full of life¨ and ¨colorful¨ and ¨enthusiastic¨ and ¨accused of being effeminate¨...Carl´s Mother didn´t say ¨no matter if he had been Gay or Straight¨ I would have loved him equally...THAT IS WHY MANY KIDS SUICIDE in their own homes...who can they talk to when there is such DENIAL and PRETEND going on?

I feel sad for the Mother, but I´m afraid she was a little too ¨defensive¨ for her ¨audience¨...afterall, SHE wouldn´t have given birth to a queer! Never-the-less, she thinks the ¨name calling¨ and ¨bullying¨ must stop...I agree with her and will continue to light candles for her son, the victim of acts of denial, fear and hate.