Apr 24, 2009

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: ¨Diary of a Gay Kenyan¨ author awards Leonardo Ricardo with the world famous ¨Honest Scrap¨ tribute!


My mucho admired Gay friend, ¨Top Secret¨ (named so for reasons of life vs. death and general happiness, peace of mind and survival) in Nairobi, Kenya has awarded me the HONEST SCRAP AWARD! read it all, click HERE


I´m thrilled!

The Honest Scrap award is “bestowed upon a fellow blogger whose blog’s content or design is, in the giver’s opinion, brilliant.”

I graciously accept and thank you ¨Top¨ (as we call him in the New World) and all of my other new and ¨brilliant¨ friends in Mother Africa!

As a recipient of the ¨Honest Scrap¨ award, I have been called upon, read required, to post 10 TRUE things about myself (I´ll try and list some less flattering aspects of my personality as you all are being exposed to some of my online dramadriven charms daily).

I stole a small fold-out paper pumpkin at Woolworths when I was a child (I gave it back to them after I got busted on the scene, the police, nor my parents, were not called in, there had been no previous record or personal understanding of my thieving).

Since retirement, three years ago, I don´t feel like going to the gym everyday and I started eating bread (hence I´ve gained weight, I was never fat before so I guess I have to go back to the gym everyday and give up the bread, corn tortillas and the pasta and the rice)...I got tired of trying so hard to look good (the beauty contest is over but the facials and massages remain the same).

I love See´s Candy (from California) and could probably eat a whole l pound box (milk chocolate por favor) at one sitting. I´ve not tried, I show restraint. I´m a recovering alcoholic who has been on the mend for 30+ years with no drinkies (I was previously unaware I was miswired but a sugar rush feels so good).

Green, all shades, is my favorite color (and I especially like Green when used to color U.S. $$$ Dollars and also when more abundantly available in Nature).

I love Dogs (especially Dulce Serena Gonzalez my Cocker Spaniel and Fido the Old English Sheep Dog), Tropical Birds (Valentina and Valentino), Rabbits (Manchito y Pinta), Turtles and various human beings of assorted descriptions.

Rarely am I afraid (but I try not to be reckless and stupid either) but I don´t like rats (human or other), snakes (human or other) or poisoness spiders (human or other).

I HATE injustice. I LOVE JUSTICE and have been known to ¨stick my nose in where it doesn´t belong¨ to promote *it*, demand *it*, be denied *it* and/or fight for *it* (anyway I can)

I´m attracted to Men my same age (until I got old)

I love to cook (all kinds of food but I don´t know anything about African cuisine except what I´m reading at Gay Kenyans blog).

I´m Episcopalian/Anglican and Archbishop Desmond Tutu is my favorite Bishop and cool religious person in the WHOLE WIDE World (well, Padre Mickey and Fr. Jake are right up there too along with Dr. Christian Troll, Bishop Jon Bruno/Los Angeles and Chane/Washington).

So now that you have seen the true measure of my innermost/innocent character *issues* I will follow the tradition and bestow this award to:

Fr. Christian Troll, GAFCON

Padre Mickey´s Dance Party

Cany, ¨Black Sheep¨

Josh,¨Gay Spirit Diary¨

Brian, ¨Noble Wolf¨

Anglican Priest, Father David Heron

Mike in Texas, ¨Lavender Wolves¨

(upon accepting this award ALL WINNERS should also list 10 honest things about themselves and then pass it on to seven others)

Winners ALL!

·Thanks to Diary of a Gay Kenyan, at the right side bar

·Thanks to Flickr Photosharing


FranIAm said...

I loved reading this and if I ever find myself where you are, I will make sure that I have a box of See's Candy. And milk chocolate for sure! I will bring 2 lbs, so we can both have some!!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Oh Fran, you´re the best not only because your new hair cut...I´m a big fan of yours because of our mutual interest in See´s candy and God...God and See´s candy are very closely connected!

Thanks for visiting. It´s great getting to know the bloggers in Africa too...they´d love you.


Tamaku said...

I am touched by your kind words.

Asante sana from Kenya.

Anonymous said...

I am highly honoured to be nominated from this lovely site.

Fred Schwartz said...

Congratulations and high fives all around! Your work both in pictures and words paint beautiful scenes of lasting memory!

Mike in Texas said...

Thank you, Leonardo.

I'm thinking that perhaps we should schedule a tasting party with both See's and Fanny May. I always seems to have great difficulty arriving at a conclusion about which is my favorite.

But it's fun to keep on gathering the data.

Brian R said...

Thank you for the award, a great honour.