Apr 8, 2009

Lying & Fearmongering at Holy Week: Is Obama attempting to confiscate guns, invoke Sharia law? Are AFRICANS converted into Homosexuality? UPDATED

Persecuted, convicted and murdered by fearmongers and liars...all forgiven, because ¨they know not what they do.¨


¨Media influence on individual actions has been a talking point for twenty some odd years. Conservatives believe Spongebob Squarepants, the PBS show 'Arthur' and one of Teletubbies -- you know, the gay pride one -- can turn kids homosexual, and they so believed that Murphy Brown encouraged single motherhood that a American vice president condemned the fictional character by name. According to conservatives, everything on TV influences behavior, whether it's promiscuity, violence, or thinking that an asexual cartoon sea creature is coming on to you. They think rap music causes violence, video games promote violence, and that Rachel Ray wearing a checkered scarf is a coded signal of terrorism's insidious grip on the Food Network.

...But they don't believe that "news reporters" constantly questioning whether the president is really loyal or not to this country might cause some people to take violent action against that president?...read it all, click HERE

...Or that constant talk of the imminent overrun of America by "one worlders", or government officials attempting to invoke sharia law, while supposing a simultaneous effort to confiscate guns might perhaps influence people to stockpile more guns and anticipate an imminent need to use them?


No, they're not that stupid. They just pretend to be so that they don't get called out on it irresponsible, conspiracy-theory-based fearmongering every damn second of the day, on every conceivable issue. Fox treats both news and government as if it's one of those daytime talk shows where the only goal is to get a bunch of no-good, paranoid morons together and then piss them all off until someone throws a chair. That is why O'Reilly is a star: that's why the Glenn Beck show exists. On the internet, rightwing bloggers both large and small expand upon the themes daily...¨read it all, click HERE

¨Fox treats both news and government as if it's one of those daytime talk shows where the only goal is to get a bunch of no-good, paranoid morons together and then piss them all off until someone throws a chair.¨

¨If you’re wondering “Does Hell await me?” all you need to do is look at this mans list. I must admit according to this information I am destine for the everlasting “Lake O’ Fire”. Masturbation and I go way back and I don’t see that friendship coming to an end anytime soon. I may in fact be “Sexually Immoral” as well. I have no idea really since morality is relative, but I’m guessing their opinion in that matter would be immorality. I like how Pagans are on the list of those that will be cast into hell. It is my opinion that if the Pagan religion were the more successful of the modern religions, the world would be a much better place. I guess violence prevails as the most violent religions seem to be the most successful in sticking around.¨ click HERE

Nsaba-Buturo, Minister of Public ¨Ethics and Morals?¨ Uganda

Kampala Update: ¨Seems like a dream. Nobody outed over the weekend. Seems as if the press is moving on. It was yesterdays news? The outings. The accusals of ‘recruitment’, the speculations on who is and who is not a homosexual.

By the way, the Observer had a very interesting article. In this day and time of Gay Witch hunts, how to recognize a gay or lesbian Ugandan. It was in the public interest. It is very important that you recognize those who are gay and lesbians. Don’t let them near your children. Chase them from jobs, etc, etc. It is here.¨ read it all click HERE


¨Cheating¨is a larger problem in Uganda for Public Morality and Ethics Minister Mr. Nsaba-Buturo than waging HIS costly anti-LGBT Conference and organizing a ongoing hatecampaign. Nsaba-Buturo has initiated a ¨Witch Hunt¨ seeking out everyday LGBT innocent citizens at all levels of Ugandan life. However, working toward putting a STOP to Human Sacrafices, Rampant Corruption at Public Institutuions, Prostitution and Domestic Violence, doesn´t seem to be a priority. Secretary Buturo apparently doesn´t know the difference between ´morals, ethics´ and ´human rights´.

Monitor Online, Kampala
By John Tugume, Tabu Butagira & Patricia Walaga

¨The religious leaders, airing their views under the Uganda Joint Christian Council (UJCC) banner, condemned worsening acts of marital unfaithfulness and domestic violence. They urged adults to repent and take the path of honesty and salvation¨

“The cases in mind among the many include; human sacrifice, child abuse, loss of professional ethics, unfaithfulness among couples, rampant corruption in public institutions, homosexuality, domestic violence and prostitution, which result in rampant abortions and child neglect,” read it all, direct from Uganda, click here:

A Purpose Driven Genocide: Rick Warren and Gays in Africa

Pastor Rick Warren

by Daniel Vojir

Larry King's Show Was Unexpectedly Blanketed With a Heavy Layer of Rick Warren Snow Job!

Last night, when Larry King hosted Rick Warren, I couldn't believe I heard Warren go on and on about his not being anti-gay, having "gay friends", about never overtly supporting Prop 8 (!?!) and how he knew "gay leaders" who know the real Rick Warren.

In my article of 3/29 titled I Hope Rick Warren Fails, I voiced my fear of the man.

Today, I am declaring myself to be an official enemy of Rick Warren. And not because of the Larry King appearance. Unless someone can produce evidence to the contrary, I believe Rick Warren to be a key leader of Christofascism who wishes the total annihilation of homosexuals worldwide.¨ read it all, click HERE

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Göran Koch-Swahne said...

This is really very bad - but at the same time it's kind of the last hill, the last fort for them.

They are loosing rapidly and only get more and more exited...

Leonardo Ricardo said...

I agree Göran, I think it is ¨the last hill for them¨ and I also think much more blood will flow, more innocents will be persecuted, and outcasted...but, it is ¨the last hill¨ where blowhards can scream their fears from...it is they that will have to adjust to REALITY and stop basing their emotional and spiritual security on ¨selective¨ and ¨false translations¨ of the scriptures...the end will come when the fear and hatemongers get a glimpse of themselves and their ¨character¨ through rigorous self-searching...they´ve got to admit defeat, face their lies and reach out for help.

The ¨door is open and the light is on¨ at Church...they weren´t able to steal them.

Facts of life, reality coming into sharp focus...there is no place for them to hide (or won´t be)...more will be revealed throughout The Anglican Communion and the World.

The insecurities, madness and lies will come to a end.

Lord hear my prayer