Apr 4, 2009

The Friends of Jake: Guess they didn't get the memo. UPDATED PALM SUNDAY

The Friends of Jake: ¨Guess they didn´t get the memo¨ regarding the upcoming meeting of The Anglican Consultative Council in Jamaica. It is important reading, click HERE

My coverage on the same topic, with variations/additional sources, can be found at ¨Make a Sunbath out of a Bloodbath¨ click here

Retired (but not) Archbishop Drexel Gomez of the Anglican Province of The West Indies of which Jamaica is a Diocese. +Gomez also is the Chairperson for ¨The Covenant Design Group.¨ Let´s hope his work for a Anglican ¨Covenant¨ has improved to include ¨Thou shalt not kill¨ followed quickly by ¨Love thy neighbor as self¨...that´s all The Anglican ¨Covenant¨ really needs (Thou shalt not Steal might be considered more seriously amongst some of the Bishops of the Global South/Gafcon) in my opinion as most of us aim to respect and love God and carry out his wishes/commandments.

¨The verbal taunts and persecution of people because of their sexual orientation are so commonplace they set the stage for murderers who think it's no crime to hate gays and to act on that hate.¨ Gay bashing is a hate crime
By Diane Carman, Denver Post Staff Columnist, click HERE

Bishop Gomez, of Jamaica and The West Indies, Archbishop of Canterbury, +Akinola, +Orombi, and ALL ACC members present in Jamaica, please be the first to sign on the dotted ¨Anglican Covenant¨ ¨suggested¨ party line...you can use the REAL blood of LGBT Jamaicans/others instead of ink.

When are some of the ¨selfrighteous¨ ANGLICAN COMMUNION ¨religious leaders¨ going to start taking responsiblity for their own actions (or inactions) and the outcomes of their active viciousness directed against LGBT Christians/others and/or their deadly and slothful ¨omissions?¨

UPDATE FROM IRAQ: "Queers are being shot dead in their homes, streets and workplaces," he added. "Even suspected gay children are being murdered. They killers claim to be doing these assassinations at the behest of the 'democratic' Iraqi government, in order to eradicate what they see as immoral, un-Islamic behaviour." read it all, click HERE

It seems Bishops Akinola, Orombi, Kolini, Bul, Gomez and others have quite a bit in common with the Islamist-inspired homophobic anti-lgbt terror campaign. They create chaos and lawlessness and allow the flourishing of ¨religious anti-LGBT fundamentalism.¨ Will there be more massacres of Gay people to come? Archbishop Rowan and members of the ACC, are you feeling too ¨stressed¨ to talk about the EVERYDAY REALITY of CRIMES of HATE initiated against LGBT religious people at The Anglican Communion?

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