Jun 28, 2009

BURN BABY BURN: A Knight, a Squire, a Bishop, a Steward, Five RC Monks and Millions of murders initiated by bigots at Church!

The knight von Hohenberg and his squire, being burned at the stake for sodomy, Zurich 1482 (Zurich Central Library)

John Atherton, Bishop of Waterford and Lismore, was hanged for sodomy under a law that he had helped to institute. His lover was John Childe, his steward and tithe proctor, also hanged. Anonymous pamphlet, 1641.

¨On June 28, 1578, five Catholic monks were burnt to death in Ghent for homosexuality.¨

The five holy men being prepared for execution, in this drawing by Franz Hogenberg. (Click for larger view.)At our scene in the Spanish-controlled Low Countries, the revolt that would become known as the Eighty Years’ War and secure Dutch independence still had about 70 of those years to run...¨

¨...Rumors of homosexuality in the religious orders swept the overheated city (assuming they were not put about intentionally), and this day opened a summer’s terror that saw 14 monks burned (pdf) for the love that dare not speak its name.¨read it all, click HERE

John Calvin né Jean Cauvin (10 July 1509 – 27 May 1564) was an influential French theologian and pastor during the Protestant Reformation. He was a principal figure in the development of the system of Christian theology later called Calvinism. Originally trained as a humanist lawyer, he suddenly broke from the Roman Catholic Church in the 1520s.

After religious tensions provoked a violent uprising against Protestants in France, Calvin fled to Basel, Switzerland, where in 1536 he published the first edition of his seminal work Institutes of the Christian Religion.¨ read it all, click HERE

¨Violence against LGBT people, queer identifying and the same-sex attracted are actions which may occur either at the hands of individuals or groups, or as part of governmental enforcement of laws targeting people who are perceived to violate heteronormative rules and who contravene protocols of gender roles. People who are mistakenly perceived to be LGBT may also be targeted.¨

May, 2009, Kampala, Uganda: The Government Cabinet Minister Nsaba Buturo of ¨Ethics and Morals¨ for Uganda, one of the reckless and ill-informed initiators of the current, and deadly, ¨witch hunt¨ directed against LGBT Christians and others.

Minister Nsaba Buturo demands Parliment act immediately against the ¨imported¨ homosexual perversions at all levels of Ugandan society.

Peter Jasper Akinola, Gafcon Anglican Archbishop of Nigeria/CANA and Henri Orombi, Gafcon Anglican Archbishop of Uganda (Poacher and ACNA supporter), attempt to persecute ¨evil¨ Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender Anglicans/Christians and others. Read about ¨Beyond Homophobia, Licensed by preachers¨ click HERE

A hate crime is when individuals become victimized because of their race, ethnicity, RELIGION, gender or sexual orientation (Conklin,1992)(CSVR). Hate crimes against homosexual people often occur because the perpetrators are homophobic. The attacks can also be blamed on society itself. A variety of religious groups as well as proponents of extremist political ideologies condemn homosexuality and relate it to being weak, ill, feminine, and morally wrong.[1] Violence targeted at people because of their perceived sexuality may include threats, physical assault, battery, sexual assault, rape, torture, attempted murder and murder. These actions may be caused by cultural, religious, or political mores and biases.¨ read it all, click HERE

By Philip Kennedy, ¨God's Good News for Gays¨

A Kaleidoscope of Horrors...here is an excerpt from that section:

¨From the Christian emperor Justinian in the sixth century until the eighteenth century, Christian communities around Europe regularly put homosexuals to death by burning, beheading, flaying, drowning or hanging them. The ancient Christian thinkers Tertullian, Eusebius and John Chrysostom all argued that same sex relations deserve the penalty of death...In medieval Europe, secular laws often invoked the authority of the bible to execute homosexuals. Bologna adopted the death penalty for sodomy in 1259. Padua followed suit in 1329; Venice in 1342; Rome in 1363; Cremona in 1387; Milan in 1476; and Genoa in 1556. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain actively sought out sodomites to be burned. In the hundred and twenty five years after Calvin taught in Geneva, there were thirty burnings, beheadings, drownings, and hangings of homosexuals in that city. Scores of men and boys were hanged for homosexual activity in Georgian England. Before the advent of modernity, women in Europe were also vulnerable to execution if convicted of lesbianism. The history of churches' treatment of gay people has for over a thousand years been a history of hatred, persecution and death. To this day, standard Christian textbooks devoted to moral theology and commenting on homosexuality are usually trite treatises because of their complete silence on the long-standing brutality meted out to homosexuals by churches, whether Roman Catholic, Anglican or Protestant. For homosexuals, the history of the Christian church has been a kaleidoscope of harrowing horrors. Their fortunes have now changed. Physical violence has mutated into rhetorical violence, although there are still nine countries today where homosexual behavior is punishable by death.¨
read it all, click HERE

·A Praise and Tribute to The millions of brave, weak, strong and martyred Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender victims of fear, ignorance, hate, exploitation and unthinakable abuse...thanks to our loyal and trustworthy families and our dear friends on the celebration of Gay Pride and the 40th Anniversary of THE STONEWALL RIOTS·

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Kirkepiscatoid said...

Oh, wow, the older stuff is really fascinating.

Guess they could not blame the present-day culture, hmmmmm?

Anonymous said...

Well researched. Nothing much has changed

Kittredge Cherry said...

Thank you for this powerful post. I found it while doing research to update my Ask Wednesday reflection on the church's role in burning Sodomites. I will include a link to this post when I run my updated piece on Feb. 22, 2012. Meanwhile, here is a link to the old version at my blog, the Jesus in Love Blog on LGBT spirituality and the arts:


May the church repent and may these martyrs rest in peace.