Feb 6, 2021

THE OTHERSIDE OF THE VOLCANO - Chapter 30 - 2020/21, The Years that PLAGUED Greedy Mischiefmakers and Color-challenged Bruisers/Losers!

HARK, it's 2021, February! Patience continues!  Breathe in and out, the end is near, have no fear! Let there be good cheer!

Where did this on-going and gripping, terrorizing, health catastrophe come from?  I will answer and indulge in the blame game.

Nasty.  The Year of International Punishment, and 2020 got an extension!

History (according to Leonardo)  

There/here we were/are  (writing codependently), innocently and quietly, marching along to the off-beat-muffled, yet noisy, thudding drum/dead-beat of a Orange-colored greedy/madperson (who refered to himself by saying others addressed him as Lord and/or SIR).  Sure, he is/was GROSSLY unpleasant, poisoness and ugly but must the whole World suffer for such glaring defects of one repulsive, less-than, of a regional man?  I ask you, why us?  

YES rhymes with STRESS.  

Anyway, skipping over the science, I blame the whole illness/virus/social collapse on the LUMPS EMPIRE CAPERMAN. I also blame his accomplices and the white-haired pal who remained, side-kickingly-steadfastly, and helped lead us into the swamp of grab-whatcha-can while hating others and liking inhuman-rights.


No persons of color, or other, need have applied for the Orange Hatters Mad Ride.  The Dyed-tainted fleece-em-up man strutted around D.C. town, jumped every bore and political whore, then ran as fast as any two bit TRAPPED/ESCAPING con man can/could.

Already (writing codependently again) we all have a FRESH start and will to live.  Line up, get your vaccinations (especially if they are free)



To be continued. 

Meanwhile - Stay safe, avoid bigots, greedsters, religious zealots, orgies, crowds and grandstanding politicos...they spread lethal disease of various types including mental illness.