Sep 29, 2010

Truth and Consequences at The Anglican Communion: ¨...we have don’t ask, don’t tell, dishonesty, duplicity, secrecy, denial – anything but transparency and truth...¨

To the Archbishop of Canterbury: ¨why are none of the 3 gay Primates in the Anglican Communion able to be open about their sexuality and why are none of the 10 to 13 gay bishops in the Church of England publicly open? Some are married, some are single and celibate, some are not, all are closeted...¨ Colin Coward+

¨ is dangerously unsafe in the Anglican Communion to be openly gay in Nigeria or Uganda¨
¨...Why have I tucked these statistics away so far down this post? - because it is dangerously unsafe in the Anglican Communion to be openly gay in Nigeria or Uganda and still unsafe to be openly gay (and partnered) in parts of the Church of England. I feel less safe this morning than I did 6 weeks ago before the question of our Civil Partnership became such a contentious issue at the local, diocesan, national and international church levels. HERE

Gay bishops and LGBT clergy are able to exist in the Church of England under two separate conditions. Either they stay in the closet and the Church doesn’t know they are gay (or pretends it doesn’t know) or they live under the care of a bishop who ignores church teaching and the claims made by the Archbishop of Canterbury and licenses and PTOs are given in full knowledge of someone’s sexuality and relational status.

This is intolerable and is what makes me so angry with the Church. Gay bishops are clearly not all right, and it is still impossible in England for the Archbishop to preside over a Church which ordains bishops who are known to be gay. At the moment, we don’t, knowingly, have any gay bishops. Instead, we have don’t ask, don’t tell (Tom Butler’s preferred model in his early Southwark days), dishonesty, duplicity, secrecy, denial – anything but transparency and truth. This is not conducive to a good, holy, Christian pattern of life. ¨read it all, by Colin Coward; HERE

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Sep 28, 2010

Dr. Rowan Williams: How many ¨Beloved¨ need be persecuted/bullied/murdered before you speak out against the demonizing of the ¨marginalized¨ at The Anglican Communion?

DR. WILLIAMS:  Please stop engaging with others in protectionist codependent policies while turning your back on the dangerous everyday reality of the bigoted bile preached at The Anglican Communion.

The Global South destructionists, grandstanders and thieves are generating fear, hate and crime at The Anglican Communion everyday...we all know it.  Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury,  you seem disinterested/disengaged from that dangerous worldwide-Anglican reality as you lecture us on and on about some kind of much hoped for fictious Selective Scriptual lofty ethic that only exists in a vacuum along with your avoidance, selective/imagined tolerance for others, on-going denial and cowardly protectionist pretend.  

Please, snap out of it and avoid the lofty thinking as REAL Anglicans are being marginalized, abused, persecuted and snuffed out as you portray ¨first amongst equals¨  and ¨patient listener¨ at The Anglican Communion. 

You, Rowan Williams, ABC,  have for far too long refused to look at the authentic outcomes that have resulted in crimes of hate because of  the demonizing and poison dispersed,  then acted upon, against LGBT Anglican/others at Church.  Increasingly lethal-preaching is perpetuated by Anglican bishops/others who exhibit bad-character-run-riot and criminal notions that are not-so-disguised as self-righteousness Christian missionary outreach.   Enough. No more lies and religious-like deceit that often attempts to cover for raw power grabs of greedy adventurists abroad (while ignoring vile and deadly chronic problems of desperation in their Anglican Provinces at home)!

Criminal and unholy preaching/teachings put forward  by spiritually unfit Global South/Gafconning bishops at The Anglican Communion must be exposed before tens of thousands of innocents suffer further from religious persectuion. It´s time for the ¨instruments¨ to stop being irresponsible and´s time for FULL accountability at The Body of Christ even if it´s just a warning to help censor wrong-doing.  It´s time to say NO to criminal behavior inside the Anglican Communion.

Attention: Archbishop of Canterbury, The Primates Meeting , The Lambeth Conference, The Standing Committee of the ACC. 

We need ¨moral authority¨  based on justice, truth and wholesome love and respect for all other human beings.. ALL OF YOU ought be immediately addressing the REAL plague/epidemic of bullying, exploiting and abusing of Heterosexual women and  LGBT children and adults running out of control at The Anglican Communion.  It is time to stop pampering spiritual criminals by codependently trying to co-exist silently not rock-the-boat with dangerous extremist/theiving powermad bishops in the Americas, in Africa, in Asia.  Bishops who tell blatant lies and harm others at Church.  It´s time to say no to bigshotism, grandstanding, outcasting, thieving and deceit (self and other)

Anglicans/Christians are being spiritually/physically attacked daily in Jamaica, in Uganda, in Nigeria, in Iraq/Egypt/Iran,  in India, in Texas, in Rwanda and even in England as I write to you.  I beseech you to take action immediately and recognize, point-out and use your influence to stop the lies and abuse currently ignored at The Anglican Communion as difference=fear and hate is promoted by extremists amongst us! 

Everyday crimes of bullying, sexual exploitation, physical/emotional harm and even murder are  instigated by unfit spiritual leadership at Church.  We know the ugly record and the horror realized during Christian pogroms against innocents through the ages HERE...stop the twisted beliving today at The Anglican Communion before more Anglicans are hurt by reckless clergymen (and they are mostly egodriven greedy men).  Will you continue to believe that you have no LGBT Anglican blood on your hands or will you clean up your own personal integrity by facing reality and facing the gross abusive actions at the Body of Christ?

Lord, hear my prayer
Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, ¨Gay and Lesbian people are just fine?¨
UPDATE:  Integrity Leader Challenges Archbishop:  ¨Enough, Double Talk¨

A September 25th article in The Times quotes Archbishop Rowan Williams as saying, "[T]here's no problem about a gay person who's a bishop. It's about the fact that there are traditionally, historically, standards that the clergy are expected to observe." According to the Archbishop, gay and lesbian people are just fine – but unless they abstain from sex with members of their own sex, they should not be bishops.The Archbishop goes on to say that "The question about gay people is not about their dignity or the respect they deserve as gay people, it's a question about a particular choice of life, a partnership, and what the church has to say about that.” HERE

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Sep 26, 2010

Archbishop John Chew: Why do you persecute Anglican/Christian Gays with ridicule, judgement and prejudice in Singapore and Asia?

Bishop John Chew Hiang Chea, Singapore and ¨extremist¨ Right Wing Global South LGBT ¨excluder¨ 
¨The National Council of Churches (NCC) in Singapore formally stated in the public forum their opposition and critism of the Gay Community in view of the more recent openess and acknowledgement of this Community by the Singaporean Government. Hitherto, the Christian Church in Singapore has been persecuting the Christian Gays in their Churches, with ridicule, judgement, and prejudice. Many a faith has been ship wrecked. I believe that the Word of the Lord to the Christian Church in Singapore is the very cry of Jesus two thousand years ago, to Saul.

¨Many a Faith has been Shipwrecked in Singapore¨
(Acts 9:4 NKJV) Then he fell to the ground, and heard a voice saying to him, "Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting Me?"

(Acts 9:5 NKJV) And he said, "Who are You, Lord?" Then the Lord said, "I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting. It is hard for you to kick against the goads."

Saul was a religious Jew. He was so jealous of doing what he thought was God's will, that he became the main instigator of persecution against the early Church for believing in Jesus. He was on the road to Damascus to put Christians in jail before He saw the Light, the truth that he was on the contrary persecuting God's people. Similarly, the Churches in Singapore quoting religion, Old Testament Laws for an age and a past dispensation, singled out Gays, the weakest outcast in Society for condemnation. Unequivocally unjust, it focused on Gays, but left out the worshippers of other gods made by man. Never mind the unsound scriptural basis of their justification where Scriptures spoken to Straight people (not Gays) concerning their worship of idols and the resultant practices somehow became a reason made up to condem Gays.

Right Wing GLOBAL SOUTH Anglican Bishop ¨Persecutors of LGBT Christians¨ meet in Singapore  and ¨condemn the weakest outcasts of society¨
Saul the religious zealot, the incarnation of our modern day Right wing Christian, tried but could not capture and kill all the Christians. Similarly, the Christian Church in Singapore try as they may will never conquer the Christian Gays in Singapore. The cry for justice, the cry for equality, will never be quenched. The deepest desire of Gays to marry whom they loved may be stopped for a moment or two, but not for long. Insulting marriage itself, by reasons of defending the sanctity of marriage, the Church came to defend morality, not realizing that their morality is contradictory, a statement of their self righteousness, the very reason Jesus came to set mankind free from.

When will the Christian Church see the light? When would they be converted from Saul to Paul? From Law to Grace ? From the heart of Stone, to the Heart filled by the Spirit of God? From Self righteousness, to Jesus righteousness. Will the Stone at the tomb be moved? HERE

John Chew Appointed Head of  ¨Right Wing¨ Anglican Global South ¨Persecutors¨ and his various accomplices who imagine themselves to be international voices of ¨moral authority¨  as they export their anti-lgbt ignorant junktalk (and refuse to clean up their home Provinces that are currently rampant with vile crimes against humanity):  

Global South Anglican Bishop Chew/Singapore
Archbishop John Chew Hiang Chea has been elected head of the Global South Anglican.

Global South Bishop Kolini/ ¨genocide-thousands of current rapings¨ Rwanda
The announcement was made by outgoing Global South Vice-Chairman Archbishop Emmanuel Kolini of Rwanda.

Global South Peter Jasper Akinola, retired ¨massacre of Yelwa¨ Bishop of Nigeria
Archbishop Chew, who heads the Province of South East Asia, succeeds retired Archbishop Peter Jasper Akinola of Nigeria at the Global South group.

Self-styled ¨Godly¨ Global South Bishop Akinola/Nigeria and Global South Bishop Chew/Singapore
Previously Honorary General Secretary of the Anglican Global South, he was elected at the Primates’ Meeting on Wednesday night. His new official title is: Chairman of the Global South Primates Steering Committee (GSPSC). HERE
Global South Anglican Bishop Anis of LGBT blood-drenched Egypt, Iran and Iraq
Bishop Mouneer Anis of Jerusalem and the Middle East has been promoted to the post of Honorary General Secretary.

¨Ecclesiastical Protection¨  North American ¨poaching¨ specialist for hire, Global South Bishop Henry Orombi is also  ¨Spiritual Counselor¨ to Anglican MP Bahati, author of the  ¨Kill the Gays Law¨  *still* before the Parliament of Uganda
The Archbishops of Uganda and Burundi have been appointed Vice-Chairmen.

Hate/Prejudice ¨exporting¨ CANA chief, Global South Bishop Nicholas Okoh of  ¨child witchburning/sex slavery/vertically corrupt¨ Nigeria
Archbishop Nicholas D Okoh of Nigeria has been elected Treasurer.
Global South St. Andrews/Singapore--Disguising itself to appear white as snow
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Sep 25, 2010

DO AS WE SAY--NOT AS WE DO: The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, has 'no problem' with gay people being bishops as long as they remain celibate...

Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, Anglican Communion
¨Liberals are likely to be angered by the Archbishop's insistence that celibacy must be compulsory for homosexual clergy but not for heterosexuals.

Conservatives would argue his stance puts him at odds with church teaching.

Dr Williams also revealed he will retire before his full term as Archbishop ends in 10 years, saying: 'I will not be doing this job when I'm 70.'

The Rt. Reverend V. Gene Robinson, Bishop of New Hampshire, partnered/married The Episcopal Church, Anglican Communion
He said that he had been 'conscious' of the issue of homosexuality as 'a wound in the whole ministry' since his appointment as Archbishop of Canterbury in 2002.

But said he had to decide against endorsing gay relationships for clergy and bishops because 'the cost to the Church overall was too great to be bourne at that point'.

He said: 'To put it very simply, there's no problem about a gay person who's a bishop. It's about the fact that there are traditionally, historically, standards that the clergy are expected to observe. So there's always a question about the personal life of the clergy.'

The Very Reverend Dr. Jeffrey John, blocked by Dr. Williams for post as Bishop of Reading
Dr Williams admitted that one of the most difficult periods in his eight years at Lambeth Palace came when he blocked the appointment of the gay, celibate cleric Jeffrey John to the post of Bishop of Reading. Read it all HERE

'Yet again, Rowan is sitting on the fence regarding gay clergy...I don't know how Rowan sleeps at night.Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell told the newspaper that the Archbishop was being inconsistent.
Drexel Gomez, former Archbishop of the West Indies (including the deadly LGBT hate crime riddled--murder and corrective rape-- diocese of Jamaica) and chairperson of the Anglican Covenant Design Group 
'Before he became Archbishop of Canterbury, he supported gay inclusion and equality. Now he victimises gay clergy like Jeffrey John and goes out of his way to accommodate some of the most hateful Christian homophobes in the world.
Accommodating ¨some of the most hateful Christian Homophobes in the World¨ in Africa, August 2010

A Biblical Moment:  Singing Gods Praise with various Hypocrites, Bigots and Thieves
'In his eyes, Church unity is more important than the human rights of lesbian and gay people.' HERE

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Sep 24, 2010

ANGLICAN ARCHBISHOP CHEW: LGBT Christians/others suffer massive injustices as you plot with Anglican Global South ¨destructionists/schismatics¨ in Africa!

Anglican Schismatic/Destructionist Dr John Chew,  anti-LGBT demonizer/excluder/dangerous religious extremist, Archbishop of the Province of the Anglican Church in Southeast Asia and Bishop of Singapore.
Friday, 24 September 2010

In Asia and the Pacific Islands, LGBT suffer massive injustices

¨...As an Asian, it is frustrating to listen to those who are supposed to be looking out for our human rights treat LGBT people as if we are second-class citizens or, as some would have it, non-existent citizens. To say that society is not ready to accept sexual and gender diversity and to reject decriminalization and inclusion of LGBT people because it against Asian cultural or religious values echoes the rhetoric that these same institutions used when they were asked to protect women’s right to equality, and the right of women to be defenders of their human rights, and be entitled to state protection from violence and discrimination. As for dismissing violations against LGBT people in favor of dealing with poverty, this ranking of rights and human rights violations contradicts the human rights principle of indivisibility, interdependence and inter-relatedness of rights. It amounts to saying that LGBT people should have to pay a price for their non-conformity and be told that that they have no legitimate claim to the rights that other people have because they are somehow responsible for the inequalities they face. Across the age span, many LBGT youth and LGBT elders experience poverty. The inequalities they face when they are poor intersect with the inequalities they face because of their sexual orientation and gender identity. Race, caste, ethnicity “increase the layers of discrimination...¨ please read all the facts          HERE

+Akinola/Nigeria and +Chew/S.W. Asia plot  ¨break up¨ of the Anglican Communion
¨The process that will end in the Anglican Church splitting up has begun with the Canterbury - the headquarters of the church - disengaging itself from Africa, Asia and Australia.

African Anglicans are reportedly taking a lead role by mobilising their colleagues in Asia, South America and Australia to come together under the Global South umbrella.

Sources at the August 23-29 2nd All Africa Bishops Conference in Entebbe, Uganda told The EastAfrican that key consultations on the schism were held at the sidelines of the main meeting and would be concluded after engaging members from Asia, South America and Australiad.

The push for a split follows the collapse of reconciliatory talks between Archbishop Williams Rowan of Canterbury and the liberal church leaders in the United States and Canada after the latter snubbed pleas to disown homosexuality.

“We have met several times (during the Kampala conference) and as Africans we shall meet our colleagues with a similar belief before we break up. The Rt Rev Dr John Chew Hiang Chea, the Archbishop of the Province of the Anglican Church in South-east Asia, has chaired the meetings HERE

The Plualist Speaks
Friday, 24 September 2010
Bishop Akinola/Nigeria and others practice a Christian Form of ¨village witchcraft¨
Changing Attitude HERE  points out a danger of one mirror-imperialistic attitude to reasonable religion coming from Africa, that nonsense of a faith once delivered to the saints (as if by some godly postman in one envelope) being sent back to we the objects of their mission. Indeed it is one threat, which is why a Covenant for Anglicanism that somehow amalgams that form of religion with Western developed religion won't work.

To my mind what makes this a threat is not that they believe in some fervent and overbearing manner, but that there is a presumption of superstition built in, that miracles are happening, that the text is all about them and links Africa to Israel (and all that). Some of these Africans are visible now on satellite TV stations, who rant and rave about people getting better, as if such can happen from a TV screen. It is no surprise to me that in some churches children might be regarded as having demons inside them with some pastor scaring the shit out of them by practising their Christian form of village witchcraft in London. Some of these authoritarian Anglican leaders are but a gnat's kneecap from such belief, indeed they preside over such belief in villages. In that there may be a reformation in the towns and cities, it often translates into the worst kind of fundamentalism, and then attracts in right wing American it all HERE

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Pacific School of Religion/Berkeley: Grace Cathedral/San Francisco--Dr. Shaw’s ascension as one of the first female deans might be more significant than her being openly lesbian...

Dr. Shaw will also be the cathedral’s first openly gay dean.
¨On June 25, Grace Cathedral’s Board of Trustees by unanimous roll call vote enthusiastically approved the nomination of the Rev. Canon Dr. Jane Alison Shaw as the eighth dean of Grace Cathedral. She was nominated by the Rt. Rev. Marc Handley Andrus after an extensive search process.

¨The installation of Jane Alison Shaw as the eighth dean of Grace Cathedral on Nob Hill on Nov. 6 is a milestone — she will be the first woman to lead the cathedral, which was founded during the Gold Rush in 1849.

Jane Shaw’s spiritual depth, commitment to the Gospel, theological vision and leadership skills make her uniquely qualified to help guide Grace Cathedral into its second century,” said the Rt. Rev. Marc Handley Andrus, Bishop of California " HERE

The Right Reverend Marc Handley Andrus, Bishop of California
“There are places in the communion where women still cannot be ordained,”
“I’m glad I live in a moment in history when I can answer the call,” Dr. Shaw said in a telephone interview from England, where she is finishing work as the dean of divinity at Oxford University.

While one’s sexual orientation rarely raises an eyebrow in San Francisco these days, the Episcopal Church has been torn apart over the issue of full inclusion for gay men and lesbians. Dr. Shaw’s elevation to lead one of the denomination’s most prominent churches is “a signal moment,” said The Rev. Marc Handley Andrus, bishop of the Diocese of California. “We seek to be a house of prayer for all people.” HERE

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Sep 23, 2010

¨Strident religious homophobes, closeted or not, have blood on their hands, and that fact must never be forgotten!¨

The Reverend Eddie Long of Atlanta--Third accuser comes forward--UPDATE: Fourth accuser comes forward
Who knows how many lives he's ruined and/or how many suicides, assaults, and murders of LGBT people have occurred because of strident religious homophobes, some or many of whom are closeted? HERE

¨How many lives are ruined¨ by this pair of liars?
Long has called for a national ban on same-sex marriage and his church counsels gay members to become straight. In 2004, he led a march with Bernice King to her father's Atlanta grave to support a national constitutional amendment to protect marriage "between one man and one woman." He also has released several gospel albums, authored books on relationships and spirituality, and hosts a weekly television program.

African anti-LGBT Anglican Bishops Conference Entebbe, Uganda, August 2010
REPEAT: Strident religious homophobes, closeted or not, have blood on their hands, and that fact must never be forgotten!

Irregular Bishop Martyn Minns and anti-LGBT Archbishop Akinola, Anglican/Nigeria-CANA
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Sep 22, 2010

UNDERSTANDING AMERICAN GAY is No Fairy Tale : In other words, contrary to what many of our complacent, sheltered straight neighbors experience, our lives are based on the truth...

Why We'll Beat Out the Anti-Equality Dinosaurs in American Politics
¨I feel lucky to be a gay man. Not just because of the fabulous humor and how much easier it is to get laid, but because being gay in this society means you’re forced to be self-reflective, to examine your life, goals, and preconceptions and to figure out what you really believe. Gay people do not have the luxury of relying on stories they’ve been told by their parents, priests, and politicians; we learn early that life is no fairy tale and we’d better figure out for ourselves what’s real and what sort of people we’re going to be if we’re going to be happy.

In other words, contrary to what many of our complacent, sheltered straight neighbors experience, our lives are based on the truth. This is a great and invaluable gift, and it’s the silver lining that, in my opinion, completely outweighs the heavy clouds of discrimination, mistrust, and outright hatred we sometimes suffer.

But that doesn’t mean those clouds don’t rain on us. We might have thought, in the past few years, that our society was growing up and putting its past hatreds behind it. Growing numbers favor marriage equality. The federal courts are ruling that there is simply no societal interest in discrimination against the LGBT community. And overwhelming majorities of Americans, both military and civilian, want "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell" repealed. HERE

But it turns out there are still a few schoolyard bullies who just love to hate us, and who are still blinding themselves to the fact that equality and respect are the real foundations of our country (rather than their artificial construct of what a family looks like or any religion’s specific beliefs.)

Bullies hate for hate’s sake; they don’t beat up on weaker people because they really believe those victims are evil. They beat up on people simply because they like beating up on people. And because they believe it’s their path to success and proving themselves...¨ there´s much more HERE

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Sep 20, 2010

HUMAN RIGHTS ALERT/UGANDA: No gathering of more than five people should be held without clearance from the Inspector General of Police.

The Police of Kampala, Uganda have issued new guidelines for public gatherings

MP David Bahati´s deadly anti-lgbt law may not pass Parliament--there may be more than one way to skin a cat!
¨THE Police have issued new guidelines for public gatherings and events in Kampala. Under the new guidelines issued yesterday, wedding receptions will only go ahead after getting clearance from the Inspector General of Police (IGP).

Kampala metropolitan Police commander Andrew Sorowen yesterday announced the new measures for gatherings of more than five people in the city and its suburbs. The measures cover Kampala Metropolitan area, which includes the city, Entebbe, Wakiso and Mukono districts and parts of Mpigi and Luwero districts.

He said the measures, which he described as “reminders”, take immediate effect.


“It can’t be your human rights to wake up one day and decide to organise a rally¨
“We are sounding a warning. No gathering of more than five people, even if it is in your compound, should be held without clearance from the Inspector General of Police. People intending to hold wedding parties, music galas, football matches and road processions should notify the IGP first,” said Sorowen.

“We want to ensure safety of our people. If 32 million Ugandans use their eyes and ears, there will be no space for terrorists in Uganda,” he said.

He told New Vision separately that the same measures affect funerals, vigils, last funeral rites (nyimbe) and bibanda, (local makeshift video halls).

He told the press at the Kampala Central Police Station that the Force would “block” gatherings that are not cleared by the IGP.

“It can’t be your human rights to wake up one day and decide to organise a rally. Yet when innocent people die from terrorist bombs, the Government is blamed for not providing security to its citizens. It is our role as police to ensure that citizens of this country are safe,” he said.HERE

UPDATE:  Seeking Common Sense in Uganda .HERE

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Sep 18, 2010

ACNA´s DONALD ARMSTRONG: You have to pick a pocket or two --schismatic Anglican Artful Dodger* pleads ¨no contest¨

removed Episcopal Church priest Donald Armstrong,  formerly of Grace and St. Stephens Church, Colorado Springs  now a priest of  St. Georges Anglican Church in North America/CANA  
Don Armstrong Pleads ‘No Contest’ to Church Theft

anti- Gay Peter Akinola, Archbishop of Nigeria, CANA  retired
“ACNA is the anti-Gay, schismatic Anglican Church of North America, which was originally a product of the Anglican Church of Nigeria/CANA and its former archbishop Peter Akinola.

Martyn Minns is the former rector of the breakaway Falls Church in Virginia  (correction, Minns was former rector of breakaway Truro Church in Fairfax, Virginia -L.R.) he’s now a bishop in the ACNA/CANA.

deposed Episcopal Church Bishop of Pittsburgh, Bob Duncan,  now Archbishop of the schismatics ACNA
None of the prominent commentators in ACNA  (Anglican Church in North America) Land has anything to say so far about Armstrong’s copping a plea to the theft charges. Viagraville is silent; Baby Blue, George Conger and the other anti-Gay schismatic cheerleaders have put away their pompoms for the weekend.

But let the record show: The Episcopal Church was right all along. The man is a thief and a liar.

Money’s just money, but leading sheep astray is a sin.

Colorado Springs, home of Focus on the Family, Ted Haggard, the indoctrinating machine at the U.S. Air Force Academy and unconstitutional Amendment 2, remains the belly of the Beast foretold in St. John’s Revelation.. HERE

*The nickname "Artful Dodger" commonly used to refer to someone who is good at avoiding responsibility or the consequences of his actions.

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Sep 17, 2010

BEWARE of ANGLICAN GLOBAL SOUTH DEMONISTS: ¨No one ought feel condemned by the ignorant and/or hateful homophobic rhetoric that emanates from the lips of many clergy...

and/or professing "Christians" who erroneously claim to speak for God.¨

Does Anglican Archbishop Akinola/Nigeria (retired) and Anglican Archbishop Chew/ Singapore speak for God?
Does Anglican Archbishop Henry Orombi/Uganda ¨possess moral authority?¨¨

¨Unfortunately, those who pervert Scripture and the Gospel, those who deny the full and final Sacrifice that Jesus made to cover over all of our sins, are those who spit in the very face of God and seek to impose their false and perverted gospel onto others, falsely taking on the role of being possessors of moral authority; an authority that they do not deserve and which must be given no credibility.

Did Anglican Archbishop  Emmanuel Kolini/Rwanda  ¨cause untold suffering?¨
Needless to say that these perverts have done enormous harm, and caused untold suffering, to so many of God's LGBT children!

Did Anglican GAFCON ¨excluders¨ plot with ¨urgency and sincerity¨ in Singapore?
Don't be fooled by the seeming urgency and sincerity of their message that they often profess with an air of oracular authority; a message for which many are quite handsomely rewarded materially and/or psychologically and/or socially and/or politically.
Do all Global South/Gafcon Anglican Bishops understand ¨eternal reconciliation with God?¨
The Gospel of Christ is so simple that even a child can understand it: You have been saved, through the grace of God, from the wrath of a righteous and just God by the sacrifice of God's Son, and by having faith in Christ's teachings and Sacrifice for your redemption and for your eternal reconciliation with God.HERE

Does Anglican Presiding Bishop Greg Venables/Southern Cone understand the ¨Gospel is for ALL of God´s Children?¨

That's the Gospel, and it is the Gospel for all of God's children, be they Gay, Straight, Bisexual, or Transgender!

Is deposed TEC Bishop Robert Duncan of Pittsburgh ¨trying to win God´s approval¨ by excluding LGBT Christians from all levels of religious life?
You and I have been saved by the Sacrifice of Jesus; there is nothing we can do to win God's approval, as God already approves of us due to the Sacrifice of Jesus. All we have to do is to plug into God's grace by having faith in Jesus' Sacrifice that covers over all of our sins.

That is why the Gospel is called "Good News!" After all, if we have to obey all sorts of rules, regulations, doctrines, etc., what's the good news in that?
Anglican HERO Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and communicator of authentic GOOD NEWS!
¨...I could not myself keep quiet whilst people were being penalized for something about which they could do nothing, their sexuality...¨ HERE

Communicating this message has been one of my major goals, and I just hope that this message gets through so that no one feels condemned by the ignorant and/or hateful homophobic rhetoric that emanates from the lips of all too many clergy and other professing "Christians" who erroneously claim to speak for God.¨ --The Reverend Dr. Jerry Maneker,  HERE

Do Global South Anglican Bishops insist on instigating fear, hate, demonizing and crime in Africa and beyond?
Many ill-informed Christians and others instigate fear and hate crimes against their very own LGBT children, brothers/sisters, coworkers and friends (both inside and outside of Church)...Trust God and God´s Grace, be responsible/courageous and let the fear, hate and shame fall-away as trying to ¨control¨  and ¨change¨  and/or ¨exterminate¨ LGBTI people is a deadly sin against God and nature.
Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo, Uganda,  Anglican Hero, Peacemaker
Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo who was a member of the Inclusive Church team at the Lambeth Conference in 2008 has just completed a speaking tour in Ireland following an extensive tour of the USA. In Ireland, he condemned what he described as the "draconian" Anti-Homosexuality Bill in his native Uganda. He said, "we should follow the good example of Ireland where you have been successful in seeking and affecting reconciliation."

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