Sep 8, 2010

KENYAN CHURCH HIRES GAY PASTOR: ¨Working for the Lord with open hearts, open minds, open doors and a church without walls. Justice and joy!¨

Pastor Noah Litu was excommunicated in 2008 by the Kenyan Quaker church he served after they discovered he was gay. In a bold move for justice, Litu was hired as associate pastor at Riruta UMC in Nairobi, Kenya.

My name is Noah Litu Kellum. I'm Kenyan and I live in western Kenya. I'm 31 years old. I was born on the 25th of July, 1978. I grew up in a family of seven boys and two sisters. I'm the 8th born, second to last. At age 12 I knew I was gay. I was always attracted to men. At age 14 I had my first same-sex encounter. It was with my school teacher. From that time forward, I knew that I was normal and accepted myself that I am gay. My faith tradition is Christian - specifically, I'm a Quaker. I entered Mbale Primary School at age 8 (1986) and continued there for six years until 1994. Then I went to Mbale High School and graduated in 1998 when I sat for secondary education certificate. From 2001 to 2004 I was a student at Friends Theological College which is a Quaker Bible school in Kaimosi, Kenya. I graduated with a Diploma in Bible and Theology. Because I was the top graduating student, I was able to secure a scholarship to continue my education which I used to attend Kima International School of Theology from 2004 to 2008. I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Bible and Theology. After graduation I was posted to Chavakali High School as a Chaplain. It was during this time that I spoke with some people from time to time about my sexual orientation. I was serving as a pastor in our Quaker church. When word got out to the church that I am gay, I was excommunicated. This happened a year ago, December 2008, so I have been out of the church now for a year. Like the church, my family has thrown me out of the house. Even so, I know I have been called by God to be a pastor...¨ HERE

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Rev. John Makokha, Senior Pastor of Riruta UMC:

¨Thanking God for providing a new Affirming Associate pastor at Riruta UMC. Welcome Pastor Noah Litu. Thank you Riruta UMC Council for this timely decision in Africa. Noah, your excellent theological training background will assist us work for the Lord with open hearts, open minds, open doors and a church without walls. Justice and joy!¨

The Rev. John Makokha is senior pastor of Riruta UMC in Nairobi, Kenya.

The Reverend Makokha earned his B.Ed. Degree at the University of Nairobi and served as graduate teacher in various High School s in Kenya. He was ordained as a minister in the Triumphant Pentecostal Church and served as a pastor in a Free Methodist Church. After earning an M.A. degree in Missions at Nairobi Evangelical School of Theology, he started Riruta United Methodist Church, the only Reconciling Ministry in Africa. He is the Africa Author of Reconciling Ministries Network. He is currently the Country Coordinator of Other Sheep Kenya Trust, LGBTI organization. He runs passionately educational awareness seminars on human sexuality and gender identity programs to address religious homophobia and transphobia in Kenya. HERE

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