Jun 29, 2010

KENYAN AFRICAN ACTIVIST: Meet The Reverend John Makokha, author of Africa Reconciling Ministries Network

The Rev. John Makokha is senior pastor of Riruta UMC in Nairobi, Kenya. He earned his B.Ed. Degree at the University of Nairobi and served as graduate teacher in various High School s in Kenya. He was ordained as a minister in the Triumphant Pentecostal Church and served as a pastor in a Free Methodist Church. After earning an M.A. degree in Missions at Nairobi Evangelical School of Theology, he started Riruta United Methodist Church, the only Reconciling Ministry in Africa. He is the Africa Author of Reconciling Ministries Network. He is currently the Country Coordinator of Other Sheep Kenya Trust, LGBTI organization. He runs passionately educational awareness seminars on human sexuality and gender identity programs to address religious homophobia and transphobia in Kenya. HERE

The flag of Kenya

About Other Sheep Kenya

Other Sheep Kenya is involved in addressing religious homophobia and transphobia, social justice, HIV/AIDS in Kenya through capacity building and advocacy programs for LGBTI and Parents, Friends of Lesbian and gay (PFLAG) persons.

·Promoting the recognition and solidarity of LGBT through recruitment into the organization & counseling/information sharing and networking.

·Participation in LGBTI activities in the country.

·Sharing information and experience between LGBT and PFLAG groups.

·Promoting the human rights of LGBTI through advocacy and campaigns.

·Training & mobilizing religious allies to win the war on homophobia/transphobia.

·To provide education, training and information on HIV/AIDS, care and treatment to the LGBTI community.

·To promote reproductive health education, reduce gender based sexual violence and substance and drug abuse in the LGBTI community.


The Most Rev. Dr. Eliud Wabukala, Anglican Archbishop of Kenya

Anglican Bishop Benjamin Nzimbi

Anglican Bishop Benjamin Nzimbi/Kenya says:

"The devil has clearly entered our church," said an angry Anglican Archbishop Benjamin Nzimbi of Kenya regarding his order to exclude LGBT Christians at all levels of Churchlife. HERE

The Reverend John Makokha/Kenya says:

"...the greatest challenge in the continent of Africa is religious and cultural homophobia. The continent of Africa is on fire because of this kind of homophobia." , HERE

"It's better to be a thief than gay in Kenya," Mathenke/Kenya says:

¨Both are often punished by death, but being the latter means never revealing yourself to the public and remaining perpetually closeted. It means dealing with homophobes at day and pleasuring them at night.¨ read it all, direct from Kenya, HERE

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