Jun 8, 2010

Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori: Overseas cross-border interventions ¨destroys pastoral relationships¨ and ¨destroys trust¨

Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury excluding actions reveal ¨lack of understanding¨

¨Asked whether Williams has adequately addressed the issue of cross-border interventions, Jefferts Schori said, "I don't think he understands how difficult and how painful and destructive it's been both in the church in Canada and for us in the U.S. ... when bishops come from overseas and say, 'Well, we'll take care of you, you don't have to pay attention to your bishop.'" Such actions "destroys pastoral relationships," noted Jefferts Schori. "It's like an affair in a marriage," she said. "It destroys trust." HERE

Ethically, Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury is a ¨disaster¨

¨It is time, now that Rowan Williams has acted to exclude, to take action. The Episcopal Church, as the most affected, can take the lead. After all, Fred Hiltz is waiting. First, TEC should emphasise the importance of its network of links with other Churches formally and informally. Secondly, it should remove itself from all these central bureaucratic bodies and at the same time to stop funding them, and divert the funds to the informal links (that are better targeted and more productive anyway). The action should be taken until the policy of Rowan Williams is ended and, better still, perhaps along with it, until he is gone.

Surely there are people who can go to Rowan Williams and say that, now, because of what he has done, Primates are in open disagreement directly with him, that his policy is over-reaching beyond his proper authority, and that he should step down before the Anglican Communion is wrecked under his worst of leadership. Worst, because he takes so long to speak, act and respond, and when he does respond it is selectively and for the weakest of reasons, giving the nod to human rights abuse support in African Anglicanism, and that it is really time that he went. Ethically he is a disaster, putting the imagined and desired institution first according to its most conserving potential perspective. He has divorced ecclesial Christianity from ethics; he has encouraged the superstition of purple and the most limited forms of biblical interpretation...¨ HERE

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Fred Schwartz said...

I beleive that we should be working to have ++Rowan replaced with someone that understands the inclusive gospel of Christ. If the money is not going were it needs to go then we should move it to where it should be going, The real issue is not and should not be money nor should we be hurting others in order to get to Rowan.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...