Jun 20, 2010

HOMOSEXUAL ALERT: Make way please, your not-so-invisible LGBT family members/friends are stepping-forward to be present in your conscience REALITY!

Gulp! How dare them damn noisy/evil Queers start expect´n that we Godly and blessed hetero´s be accept´n them in our REAL lives!

I became inspired over at Josh Thomas´s STONEWALL ¨Everything Changed¨ Blog entry HERE.

Really, it´s time, again, that WE get something cleared up with our very own heterosexual co-humanbeings. Our very own and personally related family of brothers and sisters, friends, coworkers and everyday loved ones (and fear/hatedriven religious/other bigots too).

I´m always amazed with the incredibly SELFISH/ARROGANT argument ¨what will happen to straightpeople and our children¨ fear/hate worrisomelike trashtalk as OPENLY LGBT step forward and take a RESPONSIBLE place at ALL levels of society!

Yes, what will change? Who ought be threatened? Everyone will be forced to view their own personal character and be RESPONSIBLE and ACCOUNTABLE for IT in the bright light of DAY!

It´s TRUE, we´ve always been right here next to you! Boohoo!

Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury practices his very SKILLED ART of PRETEND

It´s so stupid, so selfish, so thoughtless/discourteous that some heterosexual, frightened fundamentalists and maddog bigots are still, as seen on Fox News, The worldwide Anglican Communion, Uganda, Jamaica, Nigeria and elsewere, making disparaging remarks in regard to OUR LGBT family/fellow citizens. Fellow family/citizens who have become more HONEST with others when making ALL of us face REAL! Righteous abusers and the rest of scared/dim witted hate-mongering crowd are OFFENDED and afraid their ¨family morals¨ will be compromised...compromised beyond their inability to face their own compromised moral character and their compromised view of justice for ALL and TRUTH!

Some Heterosexual family/friends AGAIN EXPOSE the fact that they have not-so-concealed disdain for LGBT people and often and conveniently, stuff their hatred but still IGNORE TRUTH. All the while many of these EXCLUSIVE SOCIAL PRETENDERS insist and demand that LGBT people be supportive, for lifetimes, of them but AGREE that LGBT Anglicans/Christians and other LGBT people are, in fact, second class! Clearly not ¨second class¨ enough to stop being best friends, doctors, lawyers, teachers, priests, good listeners and joyous joint celebrators/officiants and fans of every breathing success and personal HETEROSEXUAL NEED for support and validation! You bet, LGBT PEOPLE OUGHT HAPPILY keep being supportive of heterosexuals and the life passage of Heterosexuals from birth to death...no problem, however please don´t YOU demonize us further and speak ill of us to our face and arrogantly expect us to keeping smiling and slapping you on the back as you STAB us in the back.

As the world turns around the everyday lives of HETEROSEXUALS we, your homosexual brothers and sisters, will no doubt stand by/with you and be there for YOU, for our Nation(s), our families and friends! Afterall, it will be ¨our pleasure¨ and IS ¨our pleasure¨ to be full fledged/pledged citizens because we are responsible.

However, many bombastic/excluding heterosexuals don´t like it when they are called upon to face REALITY and reciprocate with REAL LIFE basics such as supporting/embracing and loving LGBT friends and acquaintances with SINCERE friendship and mutual respect.

Fair weather friends?

The all-important lives of some selfish Heterosexuals who often don´t know right from wrong are especially tiresome when they PREACH morals and good emotional and spiritual HEALTH to us!

It´s quite the view LGBT people have of heterosexuals and they often don´t even know we´re paying attention and noting what they say and what they actually DO!

LGBT people are remaining focused on our own CHARACTER ISSUES these days because self-destructive, secret, escapist habits didn´t work for us in the past. We gradually became aware that the self-loathing we felt for ourselves was nothing more than agreeing with the anti-LGBT ¨Straight¨ view that we were somehow defective and WRONG. Finally we know better (mostly), we know who we are (mostly) and we also know that God expects us to be the authentic people that God made us to be.

No more pretending, lieing and/or self-abuse…shudder, no more denial, no more pretending and blaming, and that goes for YOU too!


BE STRONG, for those who are not. BE VISIBLE, for those who cannot. BE, for yourself and us all. Yes, we are fighting for the right of civil marriage, but it is far more than that. We are also fighting so that the next generation does not have to grow up in shame and live in fear. HERE

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Lionel Deimel, Anglican HERO, click HERE,¨No Anglican Covenant¨

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